21.4 (TBA)

 ●  Bengali ● 2 hrs 5 mins

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When a human dies Soul takes its Birth. It gives birth to a supernatural Body... But what is the weight of this Supernatural Body or Soul ? Do anyone knows the weight of Soul (Aatma) ? In the year 1907 an American Doctor Dr. Macdougall did first experiment on this to find out weather Soul really exists and if its exists then what is its weight.. He experimented this on a man who was on his last stage of death suffering from tuberculosis.. He put that man on a weight machine and as the man dies suddenly his weight reduced 21.4 grams all of a sudden... But in Science world Dr. Macdougall was unsucessful to prove this to the entire world because Science do not believes in Soul or Ghost or Spirit.. Dr. Macdougall died in the year 1940 and the Question remained unanswered... The Question was still there do Soul have weight ? In the year 2020 a Engineering Student Samar Ray studying 2nd year in an Engineering College asks this question to his professor Dr. Bagchi... Does soul have weight ? How it can be measured ? His professor Dr. Bagchi narrates that old story of Dr. Macdougall to Samar.. Samar asks his professor…can he do this experiment…His professor does not grants this permission because it is an inhuman experiment and against the countries law. Samar a very silent guy by nature..a very bright and hardworking student studying in college.. But he was very unhappy with his family behavior toward him... His father is always busy in his work. His Step Mother and his step sister always orders him for every household thing and tortures him a lot... Even they abuses him also for not replying their answer...Slowly and gradually Samar becomes Psycho type person... One day he decides that he will do that weight experiment in his house by killing his mother and sister and including his sisters boyfriend who comes regularly to their house... And He will observe that really all Soul have same weight on weight machine after death & he will also prove that soul really have a particular weight which Dr. Duncan did not able to proved the world 100 years ago... He start killing one by one of his family members and starts observation... What was his observation from his experiment ? Do all souls have same weight or different weight ? What Did Samar proved the world with his experiment ? Did Science believed that Soul really have any particular weight ? And which weight machine can be used to find out soul’s weight ?
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as Arpita
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