7 Ujuh (2018)

 ●  Malay ● 1 hr 30 mins

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Seven friends are on their semester break in the 70s. They decide to take a road trip to a remote bungalow tended by the village head and his daughter, Suri. With a rollicking frat party in mind, they request Suri to stay on to help them out with serving and cleaning. Unfortunately, the wild party gets out of hand and Suri is raped. Distraught and ruined, Suri commits suicide, but before she does, she curses them by vowing that she will haunt them in their dreams. The group dismisses Suri's curse, that is until they find themselves trapped in the house, getting killed off one by one.

Cast: Faizal Hussein, Johan Asari, Riz Amin

Crew: Raja Mukhriz Raja Ahmad Kamaruddin (Director)

Rating: P13 (Malaysia)

Genres: Horror, Thriller

Release Dates: 08 Nov 2018 (Malaysia), 15 Nov 2018 (Singapore)

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as Inspektor Azmi
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