Aabhran (TBA)

 ●  Marathi ● 1 hr 57 mins

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The word 'Aabhran' is represents a piece of colourful clothing that is worn around the waist. This offbeat drama brings to light the extraordinary ritual called "Potraj", that has plagued the local communities in Maharashtra. They beg (madaan) in the name of goddess to live there livelihood and in return bless people for their offerings so that goddess takes away pain and fury from there lives. People who employ the Potraj ritual, go begging from door to door with colorful clothes tied around their waist. Their costume includes heavy ornaments worn around the ankles that make rhythmic, tinkling sounds, that are making sum rhythmic sound and a hand-drum (halgi). But behind this colorful attire lies the deep dark side of their survival. This story is about Lakha – a man who was born into the community of the Potraj, his wife Lakshmi, and his son Arjun. This movie brings to life the existential conflict between father and son. Lakha lives with belief that his son will carry his tradition and culture which is followed through the past generations, but still he is happily carrying the burden of age-old customs and traditons, and on the other hand Lakshmi is fighting against the injustices meted out by the upper caste and still managing her family. Lakshmi also blames her husband for their meagre hand-to-mouth existence, but is also aware of his helplessness, and his adherence to his traditional way of life – the only life he has ever known. Whereas their son, Arjun is still struggling hard to find answers to his question, "Why me? Why should I have to be different and face all these struggles? Why can't I be like all the other boys?" Seething with resentment, anger and complex emotions, he runs away after the ceremony of becoming Potraj. Will Arjun Return? What will happen to Lakha and Lakshmi after that
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as Baburao
as Lakshmi
as Lakha
as Saraswati
as Jaee
Supporting Actor
as Balasaheb
Supporting Actor
Supporting Actor
as Arjun




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Dialogue Writer

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Music Director


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2.39:1 (Scope)