Aaj Ka Nanha Farishta (2000)

 ●  Hindi ● Running Time: TBA

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Ashok lives a poor lifestyle in a village with his widower dad, Ram Singh, who is a Havaldar. One day Ram witnesses Shera knife Thakur Shankar to death, he pursues, arrests, and hands him over to Inspector Naagraj. Subsequently Ashok tells Ram that Shera has been freed by Naagraj, so Ram decides to report this to the Police Commissioner. Before he could do so, he gets killed by Shera, Naagraj and Amirchand Gupta, who also set fire to the house, but Ashok manages to escape and gets adopted by a childless but compassionate couple who live a wealthy lifestyle with a daughter, Guddi. Years later Ashok has matured and goes for training to become a Police Officer. He has hand-drawn sketches of the three killers and hopes to apprehend them some day. After his training gets over, he returns home to find that Guddi has been sexually molested and killed, and his foster father, who tried to intervene, has also been killed, leaving his wife in a state of shock and trauma. Before Ashok could start making inquiries, which are hampered by his superior officer, none other than ACP Naagraj, he as well as his girlfriend, Radha, who works in an orphanage, get killed. With Ashok's death who will avenge the death of Ram Singh and bring the three killers to justice?

Cast: Ishrat Ali

Crew: Pratap Barot (Director), Yusuf Khan (Director of Photography), Babla Shah (Music Director)

Release Dates: 01 Jan 2000 (India)

Hindi Name: आज का नन्हा फरिश्ता

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