User Reviews for Aanandam

A Brilliant Take on College Life

Been to college and have splendid memories of it? Want to relive your college days, then this movie is a MUST WATCH...

if you are a college goer or someone who misses your college life and all your buddies that were part of it then you must watch this movie atleast once.

all the people in the movie have done their role to the best. all of them acted in a very natural and nice way which made the movie look close to real!

Am really glad to have gone seen this movie and I would recommend it to one and all.

KUDOS to the entire team that worked on it! MARVELLOUS MOVIE :)

Best film once again from Vineeth and team

The film is interesting for the whole 2 hours.
Lots of comedy, suspense , inspiration and good acting by the new comers..
Well Done by the whole team of aanandham.
In the second part there is an unthinkable suspense twist in the story.
Nice comedies this is a must watch movies.
After watching this movie, you'll never say that you won't go For your college tour or/ IV

It could have been better if they have added some more inspiring background music's.

Nice songs and music by Sachin Warrier and a big salute to the director,producer and the actors & whole team