Aaptharakshaka (2010)

 ●  Kannada ● 2 hrs 32 mins

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Embedded with mystery and thrill, this terrifying tale of horror begins with the painting of Nagavalli reaching the hands of a painter. The poor painter is forced to sell the painting as his work by his wife to make some money. But this thought somehow doesn't go well with the painter, and he ends up losing his life to Nagavalli. The painting is then given as a prize in a dance competition to a couple. Immediately the husband loses his life while transporting the painting and then finally the painting lands in to the house of the wife Saraswathi (Lakshmi Gopalswamy). Aptharakshaka Srinivas Murthy is the head of the house. He has a wife (Vinaya Prasad) and has three daughters and his brother in law Ramesh Bhat. Bhavana plays the role of a painter, Lakshmi Gopalswamy is seen in the role of a dancer and Sandhya as a research scholar. Due to reasons unknown to the family, any attempt to get one of the daughters married leads to disastrous results. Based on a suggestion from his friend, Srinivas Murthy brings in Ramachandra Acharya (Avinash) for solving the problem. With his divine skills, the Acharya comes to know that the cause of the problem is Nagavalli and calls in Captain Dr.Vijay the psychiatrist for help. Dr Vijay's investigationd exposes the historical tale of king Vijayendra Bahadur, his atrocities against Nagavalli (Vimala Raman) and her parmor (Vineeth). After slaying Nagavalli's parmor and burning her, Vijayendra Bahadur leaves the kingdom facing revolt from his people. The spirit of Nagavalli is in search of this king who is believed to be alive somewhere. The concept of some sages and saints leaving in the Himalayas for hundreds of years has been cleverly adapted here and you see the old Vijayendra Bahadur still alive. Amidst dangerous and seemingly otherworldly events, it is now up to Dr Vijay to expose the person in whose body the spirit has taken solace in, within Srinivas Murthy's family. However, the question remains, even after positively identifying the possessed person, will he succeed in extinguishing the vengeful spirit, without harm to the person it has taken control over?
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Cast: Vimala Raman, Vishnuvardhan Kumar

Crew: P Vasu (Director), Gurukiran Shetty (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Family, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Release Dates: 19 Feb 2010 (India)

Kannada Name: ಆಪ್ಥರಕ್ಷಕ

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Did you know? Vishnuvardhan's 200th Kannada film although it was posthumously released, turning Aaptharakshaka as a veteran actor. Read More
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Aaptharakshaka is a sequel to the blockbuster film Apthamitra, which was also directed by Vasu.

Vishnuvardhan's 200th Kannada film although it was posthumously released, turning Aaptharakshaka as a veteran actor.

Aaptharakshaka was remade into Telugu with the title 'Nagavalli' with Venkatesh Daggubati.

This movie was also dubbed in several languages in Hindi as 'Sab Ka Rakhwala' and in Bengali as 'Amar Rakshak'.