Ab Ye Galtiyan Na Ho (2021)

 ●  Hindi ● 1 hr 59 mins

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Akash, a innocent village boy falls in love with a girl ‘Priyanka’ and runs away in fear of Shekhawat because he is powerfull politician of that region, but later they are being caught and Akash is sent to jail charging rape and kidnap. No-one from his family comes for him neither his friends. As he comes back from the jail he joins a builder Shaiakh Sahab who met him in jail. He gains some money which is wasted over a married woman Nisha . His eyes are searching priyanka because she has given statement against him in court. He wants to ask why. Once she met on site in inauguration of a building where she work as labour. There he comes to know that she has a baby capping akash as father. He knows the truth and accept her again. Nisa is married with rocky who had works with Akash in Akash uncle’s garrage and has illegal relation with her aunty which cause thrown out of his uncle house in mumbai. Rocky knows Shekhawat and inform him about Akash and Priyanka. Shekhawat comes in active again kills Shaikh Sahab. This time akash has to play smartly. He grabs his black money and half handed to police. Shekhawat attacks in revenge but this time his goons collapse and he too is being killed by her daughter.

Cast: Gauri Wankhede, Vinod Dulganch

Crew: Masum Ali (Director), Malik Warsi (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 26 Mar 2021 (India)

Hindi Name: अब ये गलतियां न हो

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