Abbayi Class Ammayi Mass (2013)

 ●  Telugu ● 2 hrs 27 mins

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'Abbayi Class Ammayi Mass' is a bold and youthful romantic comedy liberally intermixed with comedy, dance, music and emotional drama. Sri (Varun Sandeh) is the managing director of a software firm, and an award-winning entrepreneur who happens to be extremely introverted and shy. He is extremely fearful of being around women and unable to open up enough to even begin a romantic relationship. Attracted to his quiet integrity, a rich girl named Anjali proposes to him, but he rejects her without a second thought. However, when his company gets embroiled in a financial crisis, Anjali's father KK (Ahuti Prasad) comes forward to rescue him, under the condition that he will agree to marry Anjali. Desperate to keep his company afloat, Sri accepts his proposal and agrees to marry her. Sri has to go to Goa on business and his friend goads him to allow a prostitute to go with her. Neeru's (Haripriya) assignment is to make him shed his fear of women and get rid of his shyness. Neeru makes her 'professional' conditions clear when she takes up the `contract' to accompany Sri to Goa but making an exception she takes care of Sri when he is unwell. That is when she stirs a change in him. Putting aside her `professionalism', Neeru does some plain talking to him about women. Will he marry Anjali or not? Can Neeru succeed in helping Sri break through his shell and find love without compromising her own professional ethics?

Cast: Hari Priya, Varun Sandesh

Crew: Koneti Srinu (Director), Shekar Chandra (Music Director)

Rating: A (India)

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Release Dates: 03 Aug 2013 (India)

Telugu Name: అబ్బాయి క్లాసు అమ్మాయి మాస్

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