ABCs of Death 2 (2015)

 ●  English ● 2 hrs 5 mins

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Twenty-six filmmakers from around the globe helm stories that detail 26 ways to meet your maker, each one corresponding to a different letter of the alphabet.
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Cast: Andy Nyman, Eric Jacobus, Stefanie Wood

Crew: Aharon Keshales (Director), Alejandro Brugues (Director), Alexandre Bustillo (Director), Bill Plympton (Director), Bruno Samper (Director), Chris Nash (Director), Dennison Ramalho (Director), EL Katz (Director), Erik Matti (Director), Hajime Ohata (Director), Jen Soska (Director), Jerome Sable (Director), Jim Hosking (Director), Juan Martínez Moreno (Director), Julian Barratt (Director), Julian Gilbey (Director), Julien Maury (Director), Kristina Buozyte (Director), Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen (Director), Larry Fessenden (Director), Marvin Kren (Director), Navot Papushado (Director), Robert Boocheck (Director), Robert Morgan (Director), Rodney Ascher (Director), Soichi Umezawa (Director), Steven Kostanski (Director), Sylvia Soska (Director), Todd Rohal (Director), Vincenzo Natali (Director), Adam Hall (Director of Photography), Alex Gomez (Director of Photography), Antoine Sanier (Director of Photography), Clay Liford (Director of Photography), Giora Bejach (Director of Photography), Ioana Vasile (Director of Photography), John W Rutland (Director of Photography), Jon Britt (Director of Photography), Jose Roberto Eliezer (Director of Photography), Mahlon Todd Williams (Director of Photography), Nick Gillespie (Director of Photography), Pierce Derks (Director of Photography), Alex Khaskin (Music Director), Fred Sandoval (Music Director), Haim Frank Ilfman (Music Director), Jeremy Gillespie (Music Director), Kevin James Maher (Music Director), Kyle Newmaster (Music Director), Mads Heldtberg (Music Director), Raphael Gesqua (Music Director), Sergio Moure (Music Director), Stefan Will (Music Director), Vytis Puronas (Music Director)

Genres: Comedy, Horror

Release Dates: 19 Jun 2015 (Turkiye)

Tagline: Some people never learn.

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as Coke Dealer
as Assassin
as Escort #3
as Driver
as Bob
as Phantom Phantom Trooper
as Utopian
as Utopian
as The Grandmother
as Arnold the Muscle
as Screaming Woman
as Kirby
as Porn Guy #1
Supporting Actress
as Utopian
as Utopian
as Gonzo
as Utopian
as Harmonian
as Soldier
as Dominator the Muscle
as Woman
as Utopian
as Utopian
Supporting Actor
as Husband
as Passenger
as Utopian
as Fletcher
as Utopian
Supporting Actor
as The Father
as Home Invader
as Subnorm
as Utopian
as Arnold the Muscle
as Fungor
as Witch Queen
as Dylan
as Utopian
as Utopian
as Jogger
as Utopian
as Jack the Muscle
as Utopian
as Peter Toland
as Terrorized Woman
as Intruder unmasked
as Utopian
as Bride
as Wanker
as Child
as Office Temp
as Skeleton
as Utopian
as Curt
Supporting Actress
as Intruder Masked
as Sound Man
as Amber
as Utopian
as Monster
Supporting Actor
as Utopian
as Granddad
as Utopian
as Utopian
as Utopian
Supporting Actor
as Sole Survivor
as Fantasy Man
as Rose
as Kid #2
as Grandson
as The Pusher
as Tobias
as Utopian
as Utopian
as Utopian
as Porn Guy #2
as Utopian
as Witch Queen
as Arab Boy
as Utopian
as Utopian
as Father Chester
as Utopian
as Yumi
as Miriam
as Pirate
as Director
as Kid #1


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Some people never learn.
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