Abominable (2019)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 37 mins

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When teenage Yi encounters a young Yeti on the roof of her apartment building, she and her friends, Jin and Peng, name him “Everest” and embark on an epic quest to reunite the magical creature with his family at the highest point on Earth. But the trio of friends will have to stay one step ahead of Burnish, a wealthy man intent on capturing a Yeti, and zoologist Dr. Zara to help Everest get home.

Crew: Jill Culton (Director), Robert Edward Crawford (Director of Photography), Rupert Gregson Williams (Music Director)

Rating: U (India), PG (Singapore), U (United Kingdom)

Genres: Adventure, Animation, Comedy

Release Dates: 27 Sep 2019 (India), 27 Sep 2019 (Canada), 23 Oct 2019 (France), 07 Nov 2019 (Malaysia), 27 Sep 2019 (Mexico), 09 Oct 2019 (Netherlands), 19 Sep 2019 (New Zealand), 07 Nov 2019 (Singapore), 26 Sep 2019 (United Arab Emirates), 11 Oct 2019 (United Kingdom), 27 Sep 2019 (United States)

Tagline: Find your way home.

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Did you know? Sarah Paulson's first time voice acting in a theatrical film. Read More
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as Peng
as Yi
as Teenage Girl
as Burnish
as Goon
as Merchant
as Yak Leader
as Yi's Mom
as Goon Leader
as Everest Humming
as Dr. Zara
as Goon and Driver
as Nai Nai
as Jin Impersonator
as Goon




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Dolby Atmos, DTS
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24 fps
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1.85:1 (Flat)
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Find your way home.
Home Has a Magic All Its Own.
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Dubbed into: Abominable (Hindi)
Dubbed into: Abominable (Latin American Spanish)
The movie marks Tsai Chin's first English voice acting role in a theatrical film since Titan A.E. which was released 19 years prior.

'Abominable' marks Sarah Paulson's first-time for voice acting in a theatrically released animated film.

The movie was originally titled 'Everest'.

'Abominable is the directorial debuts for both Todd Wilderman and Christopher.

Sarah Paulson's first time voice acting in a theatrical film.

Tenzing Norgay Trainor and Albert Tsai both had roles as main cast members in Disney Channel series prior. Trainor was in 'Liv and Maddie' in the year 2013 and Tsai was in 'Coop and Cami Ask the World' in the year 2018.