Achan (2011)

 ●  Malayalam ● 1 hr 47 mins

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This multi-layered relationship drama boldly depicts the trials and triumphs in the life of an elderly gentleman Major Madhava Menon aka Major maman (Thilakan), whose solitary existence has left him feeling lonely and depressed. Struggling with his health, Madhava Menon's seems to be deteriorating towards an inevitably lacklustre end, when Rahithan (Sasi Eranjikkal), an empathetic male nurse comes into his life like a breath of fresh air. An extraordinary and special emotional bond develops between the two young men. with a male nurse, Rahithan (Sasi Eranjikkal). An emotional bond develops Unable to bear Menon's suffering, Rahithan, who considers the Major like his father, even begins to think of putting him out of his misery, in the hopes of freeing both of their imprisoned souls, but finds himself unable to carry through with the act. Unable to part from Menon, the young man even rejects a government job in order to continue serving him. How will the future unfold for Rahithan and the ailing Menon? Will the Major allow Rahithan sacrifice for him and forego his future prospects in order to physically care for him?

Cast: Sasi Eranhikkal, Surendranatha Thilakan

Crew: Ali Akbar (Director), Ali Akbar (Director of Photography), Aleena Ali Akbar (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Drama, Family

Release Dates: 14 Jan 2011 (India)

Malayalam Name: അച്ഛൻ

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Did you know? The screenplay of this film is based on a play of the same name by S. R. Raveendran. Read More
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Frame Rate:
24 fps
Aspect Ratio:
2.35:1, 2.39:1 (Scope)
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Music Director: Aleena Ali Akbar
Lyricist: Ali Akbar
Playback Singer: G Venugopal
The screenplay of this film is based on a play of the same name by S. R. Raveendran.

The first shot of this movie was filmed at the director’s house in Chevayoor near Kozhikode, while the rest of the shooting took place in various parts of Kozhikode.

Ali Akbar’s wife produced this film, while its music was composed by his daughter.

Several issues regarding the casting of Thilakan, an expelled member of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists, led to this movie's release being delayed. Ali Akbar's car was stoned by miscreants. The filming had to be stopped for some days following similar issues. After the filming and the post-production were completed, the theatres were not permitted to release the film, following the issues between Ali Akbar and the Film Producers' Association. The issues had considerable media attention right from its beginning. Ali Akbar organised protests in Kozhikode in January 2011, after which the theatres were permitted a limited release.