Adbhoot (2013)

 ●  Bengali ● 2 hrs 15 mins

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From Alzheimer's to rivalry between brothers and family treasure everything forms a part of Adbhoot along with the living and the dead.  Rai Bahadur Dhumrakalap(Soumitra Chatterjee) lived on earth during the 19th century and dwelled in Dhumra palace. He was very conscious about his kingdom and riches. One day he accumulated all his wealth and hid them at a place in his palace. But as destiny had in store for him, he was then stuck by Alzheimer's. Even after his death, he is unable to remember the exact location of the treasure and so turns into a ghost and haunts his own palace in search of it. Cut to the present, his heirs are his four sons and their families, who live much in a crammed and unstable way in their ancestral home Dhumra palace. The lives of these four families revolves around their daily love and hate relation. All they seek for is security and thus all are busy in the quest of finding the ancestral treasure. The house had always housed tenants, yet almost everyone ran away as they believed the house was haunted. The only tenant left in the house was John Brown, who himself is in search of the treasure. To add to the pace of the film enters Debashis aka Bhuto (Biswanath Basu). With time he gets over his fear of ghosts as he eventually befriends the ghosts of Dhumra palace. The difficulties get worse when Kalikanta (played by Sankar Chakraborty), a local goon who also happens to be a promoter, wants the palace for his business.
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Adbhoot is engaging, funny and a good one-time watch.
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Adbhoot: Ghost fest, but Bengali style!
30 May 2013, by Kathakali Banerjee