Afsar (1950)

 ●  Hindi ● Running Time: TBA

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Chetan Anand’s 2nd film (after Neecha Nagar, 1946), launching Navketan, continues his engagement with classic Soviet literature, although a Filmindia review suggested the film was based on the Henry Koster-Danny Kaye version (1949) of Gogol’s play. The journalist Kapur (Dev Anand) comes to a village run by corrupt politicians led by the village tehsildar (Kanhaiyalal). They mistake him for a government inspector and treat him like a VIP. The expose of rural politics is intercut with a love story between Kapur and the tehsildar’s sister Bimala (Suraiya). The film substantially determined the style, and the key unit, characteristic of Navketan’s 50s productions.

Cast: Dev Anand, Suraiya Jamaal Sheikh

Crew: Chetan Anand (Director), V Ratra (Director of Photography), Sachin Dev Burman (Music Director)

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Release Dates: 01 Jan 1950 (India)

Hindi Name: अफसर

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Did you know? The film is based on The Government Inspector, a play by Nikolai Gogol. Read More
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The film is based on The Government Inspector, a play by Nikolai Gogol.

When Dev Anand went to sign Suraiya, Suraiya's grandmother, who was managing her work, quoted more than double market price, a price unheard of at that time. She grandmother didnt want Suraiya to work with Dev and expected him to refuse, but Dev didn't bother, he paid the quoted price and signed Suraiya. Her grandmother could not refuse.

This is the first film produced under the Navketan Films banner, which went on to become one of the oldest existing film companies in the world.

The Anand Brothers came up with the name Navketan for their film company after Chetan's son Ketan was born.