Aleppo: The silence of the War (2018)

 ●  Persian ● 30 mins

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Our daily life is full of voices that most of us do not hear because of repetition, As if they no longer exist.Sounds of car bug, car radio sound, traffic jerky voice, children's voice, bird sounds that read every morning to inform us from the beginning of the day. But in Aleppo, people were accustomed to the sounds of war, rockets, and mortars, To the sound of the mother's cries and the cry of the fathers, Break the glass and destroy the houses. Now the war is over and everything is drowned in silence and wind. Silence is as eternal as is full of fear and loneliness. Full of stories buried under the rubble. Aleppo: The silence of the War film depicting this fragile silence after the war.The silence from years of war.A silence that does not mean peace, nor the meaning of war!

Crew: Amir Osanlou (Director)

Genres: War

Release Dates: 01 Jan 2018 (Iran)

Tagline: The silence of the War

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Film Type:
Documentary Short
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24 fps
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The silence of the War