Allegiant (2016)

 ●  English ● 2 hrs 1 min

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When they discover that there is civilisation outside the wall that encloses Chicago, Tris and Four must escape into the world beyond the walls. Learning shocking new truths, they must make tough choices in a ruthless battle that threatens all of humanity. What will the future hold in store for them?
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Cast: Jeff Daniels, Maggie Q, Miles Teller, Naomi Watts, Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Zoe Kravitz

Crew: Robert Schwentke (Director), Florian Ballhaus (Director of Photography), Joseph Trapanese (Music Director)

Rating: PG13 (Singapore)

Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Release Dates: 01 Apr 2016 (India), 17 Mar 2016 (Malaysia), 17 Mar 2016 (Singapore), 14 Mar 2016 (United Arab Emirates)

Tagline: What makes us different ties us together

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Did you know? This is the third installment of the Divergent series Read More
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as David
as Tori
as Peter
as Evelyn
as Four
as Christina
as Fringe Kid
as Natalie's Friend
as Crush Girl
as Dauntless Freedom / Drone Army
as Trail Factionless Member
as Startled Factionless
as Natalie's Friend
as Bureau Staff
as Fringe
as Bureau Army
as Zoe
as Dauntless Rebel
as Romit
as Young Natalie
as Perfexia Toddler
as Caleb Prior
as Perfexia Son-In-Law
as Dauntless Rebel
as Groupie Babe
as Allan
as Checkpoint Guard
as Matthew
as Fringe Child
as Factionless Army
as Allegiant
as Factionless Arm
as Bureau
as Bureau Mechanic
as Perfexia Grandson
as Bureau Staff
as Army Leader
as Factionless Army
as Bureau
as Factionless
as Amity / Allegiant
as Erudite
as Anna
as Factionless Army
as Natalie's Friend
as Factionless Army Soldier
as Candor
as Factionless Guard
as Trial Candor Member
as Factionless Army
as Erudite
as BureauMost Scared Factionless GuardChristina Fuentes
as Erudite Guard
as Erudite Dauntless
as Townhall Supporter
as Bureau Army
as Natalie's Friend
as Fringer
as Fringe Parent
as Crush Girl
as Factionless / Allegiant
as Bureau Army Soldier
as Young Four
as Caleb Cellmate
as Fringe Kid
as Perfexia Medical Technician
as Erudite
as Bureau Kid
as Bureau Soldier / Team Leader
as Erudite
as Edgar
as Natalie's Fringe Kid
as Factionless
as Perfexia Patient
as Hollis
as Erudite Freedom Fighter
as Fringe Parent
as Factionless
as Dauntless Rebel
as Uriah
as Tom
as Caleb's Army / Erudite
as Candor Freedom
as Factionless Guard
as Fringe Kid
as Bureau Army Medic
as Fringer
as Fringe Kid
as Dauntless Prisoner
as Council Member
as Factionless Army
as One Last Factionless
as Dauntless Rebel / Allegiant
as Fringe Army
as Factionless
as Perfexia Uncle
as Bureau Soldier
as Erudite Prisoner
as Nita
as Dauntless Rebel
as Fringe Army
as Caleb's Guard
as Factionless Guard
as Factionless Army Soldier
as daughter
as Dauntless Rebel
as Dauntless Rebel
as Sarah
as Bureau Army
as Factionless Army
as Candor
as Erudite
as Checkpoint Guard
as Factionless Arm
as Trail Factionless Member
as Bureau
as Ring Fighter
as Bureau Kid
as Fringe Dad
as Bureau Army Drone
as Bureau Army
as Perfexia Toddler
as Factionless Army / Caleb Riser
as Dauntless Rebel
Supporting Actor
as Factionless Squad commander
as Factionless Army


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Dolby Digital
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24 fps
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What makes us different ties us together
Break boundaries in IMAX
Escape the world you know
The person you became with her is worth being.
Break the boundaries of your world
The truth lies beyond.
I become better, sharper, every time I touch him.
One choice will define you
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Follows: Divergent (English)
Followed by: Allegiant: Part II to The Divergent Series: Ascendant (English)
Theo James has a band called Shere Khan

Max isn't in Allegiant the novel, because he was killed in Insurgent. In the film he is killed in Allegiant

Continuing the trend of tween/young adult novel adaptions having the last book split into two films like Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games

The writing credits in early promotional material read: "Screenplay by Noah Oppenheim and Adam Cooper & Bill Collage and Stephen Chbosky". Oppenheim and Cooper & Collage received final credit following an arbitration conducted by the Writers Guild of America

Joseph David Jones and Keiynan Lonsdale both star in CW shows. David-Jones in Legends of Tomorrow and Lonsdale in The Flash repectively

Every faction has a serum. Dauntless for Fear, Candor for the truth, Amity for peace, Erudite for death, and Abnegation to reset memory

This is going to be the first time in the series that the audience will see Four as a child

We will be seeing Natalie Prior as a young girl in this movie

Tris's hair was supposed to be chin length in Insurgent, so in Allegiant her hair is true to the book

"Allegiant" will be split into two parts, making it the fourth movie franchise to do so, along with "Harry Potter", "The Twilight Saga" and "The Hunger Games"

Instead of being named Allegiant: Parts 1 & 2, the third installment shall be called just Allegiant, focusing on the first half of the book. The fourth film will focus on the second half of the book, but will be called Ascendant instead of Allegiant Part 2. It is common that young-adult-book-series-turned-movie-franchises divide the last installment into 2 parts, like Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games. This is the first time that the subtitle Part 1 will not be used in a film that is indeed a first part. Therefore, the advertising of this film will most likely make audiences think that Allegiant will not be divided into two parts, and once they see the film it will end with the usual cliffhanger in first parts of final movies, which may create a disappointment among audiences and critics alike who do not know that The Divergent Series: Allegiant should be called The Divergent Series: Allegiant - Part 1

The movie's tag line is "Break the boundaries of your world

Filming was completed on August 22, 2015

This is the third installment of the Divergent series

The tag line is "break the boundaries of your world"

Allegiant Part 1 is said to be more similar to the book than the previous movie Insurgent.

"Allegiant" will be split into two parts, the fourth to do so, beside "The Twilight Saga", "Harry Potter", and "The Hunger Games".

This is going to be the first time we'll see Four as a child.

This is the first divergent movie to be filmed in two parts
Filming Start Date:
18 May 2015
Filming End Date:
23 Aug 2015