Ammavanu Pattiya Amali (1989)

 ●  Malayalam ● 1 hr 44 mins

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Embedded with charged emotion and family sentiments, this dramatic tale delves into the twists and turns in the life of Menon, who has led a very difficult life. After being thrown out by his sister, he left the country and has returned after 25 years as a successful businessman. He has even bought a posh bungalow in his hometown. Now his sister, Lakshmi, and her alcoholic husband live in abject poverty with their daughter, Thulasi. We wish to somehow make amends with Menon in order to lay claim on his wealth. However, Menon does not wish to have anything to do with them, and prefers to take help from his childhood friend, Raunni, who is himself in extremely poor man, but has a good heart. Bhargavi, his wife, keeps urging him to ask Menon for money, but he does not do so. Raunni helps Menon employ a driver named Srini, and while travelling for an important assignment with a great deal of cash, they get assaulted by a group of criminals led by Gymkhana Vasu. Srini ensures the safety of Menon, Raunni and the cash, but becomes injured. Upon enquiry, Srini explains that he's an orphan, who was brought up by an adoptive mother. The adoptive mother and her family live in dire straits, and she requires urgent medical assistance. So, Menon immediately comes forward to solve all their financial issues. How will the relationship between Srini and Menon pan out? With greedy people willing to do anything to possess Menon's wealth, can Srini and Menon remain safe and ensure that the wealth stays in the right hands?

Cast: Mukesh Madhavan, Surendranatha Thilakan

Crew: Augustin Prakash (Director), AT Ummer (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 01 Jan 1989 (India)

Malayalam Name: അമ്മാവന് പറ്റിയ അമളി

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Music Director: AT Ummer

Music Director: AT Ummer
Playback Singer: G Venugopal

Music Director: AT Ummer
Playback Singer: KJ Yesudas