Arctic Dogs (2019)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 33 mins

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Swifty the Arctic Fox who works in the mailroom for the Arctic Blast Delivery Service aspires to be a Top Dog, the Arctic's star husky couriers. To prove his competency, he takes up a challenging task of delivering a mysterious package to a secret location. Upon reaching the location, he learns about the devious plans of Otto Von Walrus whose plan is to drill beneath the snow-packed surface and unleash masses of ancient gas to melt the Arctic and become the world's supreme ruler. He enlists the help of his friends to stop the Walrus and save the world.

Cast: Anjelica Huston, James Franco

Crew: Aaron Woodley (Director), David Buckley (Music Director)

Rating: PG (Singapore), 18TC (United Arab Emirates)

Genres: Animation

Release Dates: 07 Nov 2019 (New Zealand), 28 Nov 2019 (Singapore), 05 Dec 2019 (United Arab Emirates), 08 Nov 2019 (United Kingdom), 01 Nov 2019 (United States), 01 Nov 2019 (South Korea)

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as Magda
as Lemmy
as Puffins
as PB
as Town Kid
as Dusty
as Jade
as Naz
as Swifty
as Otto Von Walrus
as Dakota
as Countdown Inka
as Duke
as Countdown Inka
as Leopold
as Alma
as Mary




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