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Missing some technical mistake.

Dear sir ,

its really awesome movie ac-cording to me, you have world best team with you but i missing some technical mistake in 3 scene, which not look realistic and movie was normal 1% is slow in 1st half but your experience put it on track sir i am expecting 2nd part is world best movie ,which is 100% perfect due to its run all over world successfully hope i give reliable review i feel pleasure when i give any help to you.

best regards
Rakesh Vadge

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I felt very small as a person after seen Bahubali. Just thinking constantly what a person can achieve and accomplish in life by his potential?

To begin with, I don’t remember last film since avatar,after which I felt so inspired, how do I put this, I felt very small as a person after seen Bahubali.
Just thinking constantly what a person can achieve and accomplish in life by his potential? As of now, I am not referring to the visuals and grandeur, but how they have build its script, because even great visual effects will have less ‘effect’ if the story is week, & I am lingering on this thought because, I was just discussing with my friend , if we sat down one day , can we think & write such kind of stories ? its dam reminded me of that Einstein quote, which says reality is for those people who lack imagination. Its my personal believe that going into slums & making films on poverty is easy, instead imagining & writing stories like this & creating an another world is very difficult. Jaws were dropping on seen how they have visualized, conceptualized & executed their vision…the sheer genius of film maker is he has left a craving inside me to wait till 2016, when it’s the final conclusion will be unfolded. Hussshh..!!

As of film, It has ample amount of variety in its spectacles, right from waterfall mountains, to snow- clad chase sequences to end epic wars montages . Ramya Krishnan, ( Bhubali’s Mother) deserves a big bow!! What an actress! With such tremendous screen presence you feel her strength. Prabhas makes us believe he is Bahubali. If you observed with detailing, u'll realize the 1st romantic song has SET just decorated with amazing variety of flowers. I am now were even to comment anything on the ART Direction of Sabu Cyril !! I struggled to find the words that'd do justice to the wonderment I felt on seeing Mahishpati kingdom !! I was getting goose-bumps while hearing the theme-background score, which is so in sync with the film. how they have merged palace politics, Indian religious concepts ( Tamilians are far more religious ) no wonder there are Krishna-Kansa reference episode s from Mahabharat.

At 2 hours, 40 minutes, its has past & present war dramas,love, romance, betrayal & so much more !! SS Rajamouli doesn’t gives us a date for the film. Which is a good thing because It is set in the director’s own imagination, and what a wonderful thing that is...
You need Guts , patience & hell lot of enthusiasm to make a film like this !!!


change actor

i think rajnikant is best for bahubali role.. because prabhas need sword to stop arrows but rajni, just one look towards arrows than arrows bend and goes to reverse direction towards enemy. please next bahubali with rjnikant.

Overall,I enjoyed this movie at the peak!!! And I liked it so much!!!

It is a great Indian fantastic & epic movie written by a great writer K. V. Vijayendra Prasad and directed by his son S.S.Rajamouli .The story of this movie is based on some historical moments. Story starts from the childhood of Baahubali(Prabhas) in a village and story upto the interval movie (can say) is romantic. So upto the interval the director managed the movie's romantical and adventurous part. Main story starts after the interval when Baahubali crosses all the Jal Parvats which was impossible for a common man to cross all and only the part of Shiva(Indian lord as well as Baahubali's father(acted by Prabhas itself)) could ever do it. And there the fighting between BhallalaDeva[uncle of Baahubali and brother of Shiva(father of young Baahubali) acted by Rana Daggubati] and Baahubali starts(which would be seen in the last part of the movie). Initially when Baahubali reaches Maaheshmati(empire of Shiva) crossing all the Jal Parvats and chasing some fantasies and by the desire of solving some mysteries ,he doesn't know at all that he is the son of the king Shiva. But after meeting Avantika(Tamannaah) ,he falls in love with her and by protecting her in many ways,he understands that he is the son of Shiva.And the movie then ends at the very peak of a suspense point that the senapati Kattappa ,who was very confidant to Shiva,himself had killed Shiva in the past. The suspense behind this,that why he did that,would be clear in the last part of the movie.

So if I rate it out of 10 then:
Direction: 8.1/10
Screenplay: 8.4/10
Story: 8.0/10
Music(for bollywood songs): 7.3/10
Cinematography: 7.9/10
Background Music: 7.9/10
Characters and Looks: 8.1/10
Choreography: 7.8/10
So movie's overall rating is 8.0/10 .

The most effective and attractive part of the movie is the scenes where the filming is done. And it's screenplay is fantastic .So audience would love the adventurous scenes and fantastic exciting techniques used in fighting scenes,action sequences and stunts directed by Peter Hein .We can't ignore acting.Acting was fantabulous specially Prabhas and Sathyaraj(Kattappa,Senapati of Shiva's kingdom). Acting of some actors like Rana Daggubati,Ramya Krishnan,Tamannaah,Anushka Shetty etc. is very good and without those the movie could never be completed.

So movie will hit at least the Hit Mark in Box Office Collection and it's worldwide collection would lie between 310-350 crores. And movie's Indian collection would lie between 200-250 crores that means movie will at least hit 200 crores point but probably,it would not hit 300 crores point in Indian Box Office Collection.
Overall ,you will definitely enjoy the movie.

Waitt,I wanna make some changes in my review. I had written it will hit 200 crores point but probably not 300 crores, But now I think,It would hit 300 crores point too(perhaps) in Indian collection.