Badnaam Rishte (1991)

 ●  Hindi ● Running Time: TBA

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Sunita is an orphan, lives a poor lifestyle, and works as a Nurse in an hospital. One of her patients is Satish, who was admitted due to alcohol abuse. Both fall in love with each other so much so that Sunita quits her job and both move into a room in Blue Moon Hotel. They spend the night being very intimate. The next morning Sunita wakes up to find Satish has disappeared but left an unpaid hotel bill of Rs.3000/-. She is distraught and unable to pay this amount and an elderly kind-hearted businessman assists her, pays the bill, takes her home, and marries her - much to the chagrin of his adult daughter, Uma, who displays open hostility toward both. Sunita's new husband is a successful businessman who has to travel abroad to Malaysia and Singapore frequently, leaving Sunita alone with a servants, Lily and Thomas, and Sunny, the chauffeur. Then Sunita gets a shock when she gets to meet her stepson - none other than Satish - who despises her. Left to herself most of the time, she starts to have an affair with Sunny. Not satiated she begins another affair - this time with a young man named Ravi - who is the new boyfriend of Uma. Watch what happens when Sunny and then Uma find out about this new affair.

Release Dates: 01 Jan 1991 (India)

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