Bangkok Dark Tales (2019)

 ●  Thai ● 1 hr 32 mins

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'Bangkok Dark Tales' contains three horror stories from three creepy places in the city of Bangkok. The first one is about Gam, a businesswoman who has to work overnight on New Year's Eve in the place next to her workmate who had died weeks ago. The eery experience changes her life overnight as she begins to notice some paranormal activities. The second story is about Bee, Net Idol wannabe, and Ann, a woman who is skeptical about supernatural stuff. They rent a creepy house where a family was brutally murdered and begin to experience unnatural events that threaten their lives. The last story is about the haunted cinema theater that allows the only ghost to come to see the movie but when a couple accidentally gets inside the cinema hall, they must find ways to protect themselves and come out of the place alive.

Cast: Adisorn Tonawanik

Crew: Alwa Ritsila (Director), Anusorn Soisa Ngim (Director)

Rating: M18 (Singapore)

Genres: Horror

Release Dates: 26 Sep 2019 (Singapore), 23 May 2019 (Thailand)

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