Bridge of the Doomed (TBA)

 ●  English ● Running Time: TBA

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A horror film directed by Michael Su
What a mess!!

The background sounds and music drown out the actors. The movie is low budget but could still have been good, but the music was horrendous. Some of the actors were good ,but then the really bad ones was so bad it ruined the movie. Whoever edited this movie needs to have their hearing checked or they needed to have better equipment . Poor poor movie all around

as Colonel Charon
as Susan
as Private Jackson
as News Reporter
as Newscaster
as Zombie
as Steve Freeman
as Private Rudd
as Chet Lyle
as Louis Irvine
as Peter Ryan
as Mrs Gill
as Judy Hahl
as Major Nowinski
as Reporter
as Medic Thornton
as Wheeler
as Reporter Marie White
as Francis Benotti
as Private Lee
as Jeff Holness
as Private Lin
as Private Eckland
as Alan Howard
as Sgt Cullum
as Sgt Hernandez
as Lt MacDonald
as Private Sanders
as Lt Nakamura
as Zombie
as Dr Lt Colonel Stahl
as Erin Foord
as Mark Abercrombie
as Clare
as Spc Henessey
as Corporal Ward
as Private Sharrock
as Jonathan
as Shaun Taylor
as Associate Producer
as General Vasquez
as zombie
as Cliff Devries
as Will Hendricks
as Les Pullen
as PFC Frost
as Big Jim Gill
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Colour Info:
Frame Rate:
24 fps
Aspect Ratio:
Filming Locations:
Filming Start Date:
07 Oct 2019