Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 55 mins

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Witty pals Butch and Sundance join the Hole in the Wall Gang in successfully robbing yet another train with their trademark non-lethal style. After the pair rests at the home of Sundance's schoolmarm girlfriend, Etta, the Gang robs the same train, but this time, the railroad boss has hired the best trackers in the business to foil the crime. After being tailed over rocks and a river gorge by guys that they can barely identify save for a white hat, Butch and Sundance decide that maybe it's time to try their luck in Bolivia.
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Cast: Katharine Ross, Paul Newman

Crew: George Roy Hill (Director), Conrad L Hall (Director of Photography), Burt Bacharach (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Crime, Drama, Biography

Release Dates: 24 Oct 1969 (India)

Tagline: Just for the fun of it!

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Did you know? Katharine Ross was scolded and banned from the set for operating a camera. She later said that "Any day away from George Roy Hill was a good one". Read More
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as Etta Place
as Butch Cassidy
as Bank Teller
as Flat Nose Curry
as Agnes
as Fireman
as Macon
as Citizen
as Woodcock
as Bike Salesman
as Sheriff Bledsoe
as Large Woman
as Marshal
as Citizen
as Photographer
as Bank Manager
as The Sundance Kid
as Card Player #2
as Percy Garris
as Harvey Logan
as News Carver


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Just for the fun of it!
Not that it matters, but most of it is true.
You never met a pair like Butch and The Kid.
They're taking trains... They're taking banks and they're taking one piece of baggage!
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Referenced in: The Lone Ranger (English)
Audio/Video Mismatch
In the river, Butch says to Sundance, "You're drowning me! You're drowning me!" although they're apart at this point.

In the opening sequence when Sundance shoots the gun belt off the card player, the film was cut to make the quick draw appear faster. You can see Butch Cassidy's image jump across the screen in the background.

The "foot pegs" through the front axle of the bicycle that Etta uses disappear during Butch Cassidy's stunt performance and reappear afterwards.

The amount of straw that hits Butch Cassidy while he is riding the bicycle.

Errors in Geography
All the "Bolivian" people have Mexican accents.

Errors in Geography
In the final shootout in San Vicente, there are trees all around the town and one in the plaza. The real San Vicente, Bolivia is at 4800 meters altitude (over 15,000 ft.), so is well above the tree line.

Factual Mistake
After arriving in Bolivia Sundance claims that he was born in New Jersey, in fact he was born in Pennsylvania.

Revealing Mistakes
When Etta lights the lamp on the table in her cabin, light fills the room, however the shadow of the fixture on the wall behind her is parallel to the floor, not angled upward as it would be if the light source was really the lamp on the table.

Character Error
When Sundance jumps onto the train near the beginning of the film, and makes his way towards the locomotive, it is obvious that a stunt double jumps into the coal car and Robert Redford emerges - not enough time elapses from the point at which the double disappears behind the coal until the point that Redford rises up from the coal at a different position.
Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid's gang was more commonly known as The Wild Bunch. However, when The Wild Bunch (1969), was released a few months earlier, the name of the gang was changed to the Hole in the Wall Gang to avoid confusion.

The actual Butch Cassidy, whose real name was Robert Leroy Parker, got his nickname after working in a butcher's shop. The Sundance Kid, whose real name was Harry Alonzo Longabaugh, got his nickname for being arrested in the Wyoming town of Sundance.

All of the Bolivia scenes were actually shot in Mexico.

Katharine Ross was scolded and banned from the set for operating a camera. She later said that "Any day away from George Roy Hill was a good one".