Chanthupottu (2005)

 ●  Malayalam ● 2 hrs 7 mins

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Evocative and provocative, this socially relevant saga follows the ups and downs in the life of Radhakrishnan (Dileep), who is brought up like a girl by his grandmother (Sukumari) who wanted a granddaughter. As a consequence, he becomes an effeminate. She calls him Radha, which becomes his nickname. Radha's father Divakaran (Lal) goes to jail for a murder that he accidentally commits. Radha is ridiculed among the people in the village but he is not worried and spends time with the girls singing and teaches dancing. His best friend is Malu (Gopika) who is wooed by Kumaran (Indrajith), a local money lender and the son of the man whom Radha’s father had killed. Slowly Radha’s liking for Malu turns into love and when Kumaran sees it, he beats up Radha with the help of her father (Rajan P. Dev), a local astrologer and dumps him in deep sea. But he is saved by Freddy (Biju Menon), a restaurant owner, in some distant shore. Freddy takes him to the former's native where he is living with his sister Rosie (Bhavana) and his grandmother (Valsala Menon), who is a mental patient due to the shock of the sudden death of Freddy's other sibling, Jonfy. He soon becomes a part of their family, as the grandmother begins to identify him as the late Jonfy. He also discovers his male energy and starts to transform from his female mannerisms slowly. Once, he gets involved in a fight with Cleetus (Sreejith Ravi), an old enemy of Freddy, after Cleetus tries to molest Rosie. During the fight, Cleetus gets severely injured on the head. Radha is forcibly, but sadly circumcised to escape from the police on Freddy's shore. On reaching his native shore, he discovers that his family, along with his house was brutally burned down by Kumaran. He also learns that Malu is pregnant with his own (Radha's) child. How will Radha react to the terrible injustice committed by Kumaran against his family? Will he be man enough to claim Malu and his unborn child?

Cast: Dileep Pillai, Gopika Kularuban

Crew: Lal Jose (Director), Azhagappan Narayanan (Director of Photography), Vidyasagar (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 26 Aug 2005 (India)

Malayalam Name: ചാന്തുപൊട്ട്

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as Radha Krishnan
as Malathi
as Rosie
as Freddy
as Komban Kumaran
as Kanaran
as Aasan
as Paradooshanam' Vareethu
as Shanthamma
as Sosamma




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Frame Rate:
24 fps
Aspect Ratio:
2.39:1 (Scope)
Music Label: Satyam Audios

Music Director: Vidyasagar
Playback Singer: S Janaki

Music Director: Vidyasagar
Playback Singer: Vineeth Sreenivasan

Music Director: Vidyasagar