Chennai v/s China (2011)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 48 mins

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Embedded with mystery, action, romance and thrill, this multi-layered drama revolves around Subha, a genetic engineering student and Arvind, a worker at Bombay Circus. Arvind is a direct descendant of the legendary Bhodi Dharma, who lived during the 6th Century A.D. History states that Bhodi Dharma was an exceptionally skilled fighter and a Medic. Subha's theory is that the DNA sample of a person contains the memory strands of their ancestors. Subha's main aim is to perform a genetic experiment on Arvind and to revive Bhodi Dharma's skill once again. She submits her thesis to various countries. It turns out that China is plotting to wage a bio-war against India. They received a shock upon seeing Subha's thesis and send Dong Lee to carry out OPERATION RED to ensure that Bhodi Dharma's truth remains hidden and out of reach. The fate of the country rests on Subha's research and how she does it covers the rest of the story. Will Subha succeed in activating Bodhi Dharma's genes that are latent in Arvind, against all odds? How will they combat China's plans of destroying India with a deadly viral attack?
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Did you know? For a few scenes of the movie, Suriya added more weight and lost his six pack. But due to his hard work, he regained his six packs within a week. Read More
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as Subha Srinivasan
as Bodhidharma/Aravind
as TV Show Director
as Bodhidharma's Wife
as Circus Artist
as Museum Officer
as Ashwin
as Professor Imran Saahil
as Malathi
as Aravind's Cousin
as Dancer Staff
as Dong Lee
as Dancer Staff
as Aravind's Cousin
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24 fps
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2.35:1, 2.39:1 (Scope)
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Dubbed from: 7Aum Arivu (Tamil)
Initial reports suggested that Suriya would play three characters; a circus artist, a scientist and a Buddhist monk, for a portion set in China in the 5–6th century. However, it was clarified that the scientist's role would be performed by the female lead, Shruti Haasan, while Suriya would play a modern day circus artist as well as Bodhidharma, a Buddhist monk who lived during the 5th century.

This was the first Kollywood film to be shot in China.

Actor Surya Sivakumar suffered an ankle injury during the stunt sequence filmed at Binny Mills.

Surya Sivakumar's character Bodhidharma is a Tamil Prince from Pallava Dynasty born in the 5th century in Kanchipuram. He later converted to Buddhism and became a Buddhist monk, eventually traveling to China where there are now several temples named in his honor.

The song "Ringa Ringa" in this movie was filmed with more than 1000 dancers in the busy streets of Chennai.

For a few scenes of the movie, Suriya added more weight and lost his six pack. But due to his hard work, he regained his six packs within a week.

This was the first Kollywood film to have a special premiere show.

The scenes depicting the Bombay Circus shows were filmed in Coimbatore.

In this film, there is a scene where actor Suriya will be donating blood in a hospital. For that scene, he really donated the blood to the blood bank.