Cherry (2021)

 ●  English ● 2 hrs 22 mins

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The wild journey of a disenfranchised young man from Ohio who meets the love of his life, only to risk losing her through a series of bad decisions and challenging life circumstances.
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Cast: Ciara Bravo, Tom Holland

Crew: Anthony Russo (Director), Joe Russo (Director), Newton Thomas Sigel (Director of Photography), Henry Jackman (Music Director)

Genres: Crime, Drama

Release Dates: 12 Mar 2021 (India), 12 Mar 2021 (Australia), 12 Mar 2021 (Brazil), 12 Mar 2021 (Canada), 12 Mar 2021 (Egypt), 12 Mar 2021 (France), 12 Mar 2021 (Germany), 12 Mar 2021 (Italy), 12 Mar 2021 (Japan), 12 Mar 2021 (Spain), 12 Mar 2021 (United Kingdom), 12 Mar 2021 (United States), 12 Mar 2021 (Russia)

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as Emily
as Cherry
as Staff Sgt Greene
as Interpreter
as Sheina
as Cherry's Mom
as Dog Park Wife
as Kid in Theater Bathroom
as Clover (1st Platoon)
as Army Recruit #1
as Support Mtg Counseler
as Army Recruit #2
as Dog Park Husband
as Cherry's Cellmate
as Drill Sgt. Masters
as Black
as Manager
as Shaker Kid #2
as Wounded Soldier
as Cheetah
as Arnold
as James Lightfoot
as Seasoned Medic
as Sleeping Wife
as Pills & Coke
as Paramedic (as Robbie Cox)
as Shelly
as Shaker Kid #1
as Jimenez
as Asshole Man
as Restaurant Owner (as Gozie Agbo)
as Prison Guard #1
as Drill Sgt. Deco
as Grey Teller
as Bautista
as Madison
as Nurse
as Cousin Joe's Girlfriend
as 1st Sgt. Hightower
as Roy
as Rodgers
as Teller Like Janet
as Captain
as Drill Sgt. Rivera
as Woman in Line
as Cousin Joe
as Tommy
as Emily's Step-Father
as Drill Sgt. Cole
as Suicidal Recruit
as Doctor (as Nicole Forester Brown)
as Choked Recruit
as Lessing
as Soldier in Line
as Sgt. Whomever
as Emily's Mother
as Pebbles
as Manager
as Jimenz's Girlfriend
as Sleeping Husband
as Fatook's Waiter
as Yuri
as Teller Like Janet (as Shawn Dell)
as Bus Station Patron
as Old Man Fatook
as Vanessa
as Sgt. North
as Father Whomever / Dr. Whomever
as Benji
as Theater Man in Shorts
as Drill Sgt. Murphy


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