Chor Aur Pocketmaar (2019)

 ●  Bengali ● 25 mins

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Chor: Sadhu was very disturbed as he was unable to arrange fees for her daughter's exams. Saadhu which means honest was a thief. He meets a police sub-inspector who was grateful to Sadhu because Sadhu helped him a few years back. The Cop gets to know from Sadhu regarding his current problem. He gives Sadhu a plan which would solve Sadhu's problem and will ensure the Cop to retire peacefully. Sadhu enters Rekha's house to steal. But he overhears the conversation between Rekha and Roopjit who were in love. What transpires from their conversation that Roopjit wants Rekha's little daughter out of their life. Rekha vehemently resents. This girl's father was Roopjit. Since she was not a child of their wedlock Roopjit has no compassion towards this little girl. Sadhu instead of stealing material things steals the little girl to save her from inevitable danger. Sadhu gets caught. Rekha thinks that Sadhu was hired by Roopjit. The Cop who was waiting just outside Rekha's house waiting for Sadhu to return, gets a call from Sadhu. The Cop intervenes and it is conclusively proved that the real thief was Roopjit who was robbing a human life. Sadhu proved by his action that he truly was Sadhu meaning honest.
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