Coffee With D (2017)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 3 mins

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Arnab, a news anchor, decides to interview a dreaded gangster named "D" in order to impress his senior. However, during this interview, D suffers a heart attack.
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Coffee with D: A "D"sastrous & rather bland coffee which fails as a comedy.

Movie: Coffee with D (A)

Rating: 1.5/5

In India and the world, media plays a crucial role. Making a film on media itself is no easy task. Many filmmakers have tried this genre and add satirical pinch to make it sound funny. And many a times, they succeed too. But not all succeed. The makers of Coffee WITH D wanted to give something humorous, but didn't succeed in their effort as the film turns out to be bland, especially in terms of humour though a few jokes do work at times.

COFFEE WITH D is a film I watched with heavy expectations. And that's my fault. I don't consider negative reviews as a factor for not watching a film. If I feel a film's good, I do watch it. So keeping aside the negative reviews, I decided to watch the film as the trailer seemed promising. But this film isn't funny at all. Only a few jokes work here and there, and the film doesn't have much to offer as the content is executed very poorly. I was very confused whether to like or dislike the film.

The editing is the biggest negative part for COFFEE WITH D. Subplots don't work at all. The film doesn't succeed in justifying its 2-hrs long running time as many sequences could've been easily edited out. Also, the sprinkling of B-Grade stuff doesn't work or help the film in any way. Rather, it makes the viewer cringe at times. The film is not for family audiences as it gets too vulgar at times, though not fully. The song "Teri Duniya Di" is good and remains with you even after leaving the film, but no other song is any good at all.

The film, however does entertain towards the last 30 minutes and in the beginning. It's only in between that the film gets disappointing, making us ask: Where's the humour? It doesn't seem like a comedy film. Sunil Grover is quite disappointing in both acting & dialogue delivery. He however tries hard and his efforts can be noticed in many portions. Zakir Hussain is somewhat okay with his act. The heroines Anjana Sukhani and Dipannita Sharma have nothing great to do in this film. The show and scene stealer is Pankaj Tripathi, who offers a solid humorous punch with his comic timing and act. But sadly he isn't given that proper scope. Besides, the climax seems interesting but the ending shot is hardly any entertaining.

Having said that, COFFEE WITH D is unfortunately a disappointing film, watching which depends on you. You may watch it, but you're bound to be disappointed unless you're a die-hard Sunil Grover fan. That's another thing that even his fans won't be impressed much with his act and film.

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