Coolie (1983)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 47 mins

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Salma is a beautiful young woman, who unfortunately becomes the obsession of Zafar Khan, a wealthy but evil man. While Zafar is imprisoned for his criminal activities, Salma gets married and has a son, Iqbal. However when Zafar returns, he manufactures a tragedy which destroys the family – kills Salma's husband, causes her to lose her memory, and separates her from her son, Iqbal. Zafar then abducts Salma and begins living with her, even adopting an orphan boy, Sunny. Iqbal grows up under the care of his uncle and becomes a handsome and dashing young man, the leader of the coolies. Will fate lead him back to his mother once more? Can Salma regain her lost memory? What will the relationship between Iqbal and Sunny be like? How will Iqbal wreak vengeance upon Zafar for destroying his family?
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Did you know? Danny Denzongpa was the first choice for the role that was eventually played by Kader Khan. Read More
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as Iqbal A. Khan
as Sunny
as Salma
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as Railway Minister
as Goga
as Zafar Khan
as Maula Saab
as Nathu
as Mr. Om Puri
as Bob
as Julie D'Costa
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as Deepa Iyengar
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as Vicky Puri
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Reference: Kitne Door Kitne Paas (Hindi)
Referenced in: Raanjhanaa (Hindi)
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When Iqbal is explaining to the Railway Minister that one of his porters was assaulted by one of the commuters, there is a yellow stick in front of him which moves with him.
Amitabh Bachchan was critically injured while filming a fight scene with co-star Puneet Issar. Bachchan was supposed to fall onto a table, but mis-timed his jump. This resulted in an internal abdominal injury. He was transferred to a Mumbai hospital, where according to the actor, he went into a "haze and coma-like situation", and was "clinically dead for a couple of minutes".

The climax of the movie was changed due to Bachchan's injury.

It is notable that Amitabh Bachchan's accident received wide world coverage and hit the headlines in the UK, something unheard of at the time, and many Indians prayed in temples or offered to sacrifice their own limbs to save him.

This movie became extremely successful even before release, due to the public's knowledge of Amitabh Bachchan's life threatening injury, sustained during filming. It has been hailed as one of Indian cinema's biggest blockbusters of all-time.

Manmohan Desai originally proposed a sad ending for the film. Amitabh was to die in the climax, but it was decided that after Amitabh's real-life fight with death during the shoot, the audience would not accept his death in the movie. So the climax was changed and a happy ending was shot.

Danny Denzongpa was the first choice for the role that was eventually played by Kader Khan.

A poster of the movie Gopichand Jasoos appears in the background of the railway platform when Iqbal has his first fighting encounter with Vicky. Gopichand Jasoos starred Raj Kapoor who is the father of "Rishi kapoor" who plays the role of Sunny in this movie.

While filming an action scene, Amitabh Bachchan was doing his own stunts. He had to fall onto a table and then on the ground. But when he jumped towards the table, the corner of the table hit his abdomen. He had a splenic rupture and lost a large amount of blood. He was flown out and needed urgent operation (splenectomy) and was critically ill for a while. A rumor spread that he had died from the accident. The nation (most of it anyway) mourned. Later there were mile-long queues of well-wishing fans outside the hospital where he was recuperating.

During the fighting scene where Amitabh Bachchan was injured, the moment is marked with a freeze frame, and a message is displayed in English, Hindi, and Urdu - "This is the shot in which AMITABH BACHCHAN was seriously injured".