Cooties (2014)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 28 mins

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Elementary-school teachers come under attack from children who have been turned into vicious monsters by contaminated chicken nuggets.

Cast: Alison Pill, Elijah Wood

Crew: Cary Murnion (Director), Jonathan Milott (Director), Lyle Vincent (Director of Photography), Pepijn Caudron (Music Director)

Genres: Action, Comedy, Horror

Release Dates: 10 Oct 2014 (India), 09 Dec 2015 (Singapore)

Tagline: Please don't feed the children

English Name: Cooties

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Did you know? When the teachers enter Danville, for a quick second you can see the movie poster of "Cooties" on the wall of the Movie Theater they pass. It's one of a lollipop Read More
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as Lucy
as Clint
as Racer
as School Nurse
as Calvin
as Miss Nash
as Patriot
as Crying Mom
as Cootie kid
as Vice Principal Simms
as Angela
as Tracy
as Lincoln
as Safety Helmet Boy
as Rick
as Cootie Kid
as Charman
as Cootie kid
as Moon
as Doug
as Sheriff Dave
as Dink
as Tamra
as Rebekkah
as Patriot's Mom
as Wade
as Rebecca Marshall
as Shelly


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Please don't feed the children
Circle, circle. Square, square. Now you have it everywhere
An infectious new comedy
You are what they eat
The virus attacks a room full of fourth graders. But they are the only kids we ever see in the movie - supposedly this is a K-6 school building, but there doesn't appear to be any children from lower or higher grades around

Factual Mistake
A police car would normally have a barrier between the front and back seats. Therefore the scene where the girl attacks the cop from the backseat is incorrect. She wouldn't be able to do this

When Rebekkah talks to Clint in the teacher's lounge, the rape button is in her right jacket pocket. When we see her teaching, the button is in her left jacket pocket

The power has been cut to the school, yet the vending machine still works
Kate Flannery and Rainn Wilson are regulars on "The Office"

In one scene, a child is riding a tricycle that resembles Billy the Puppet's tricycle in the 'Saw' franchise. Leigh Whannell, who plays Doug, is the co-creator of Saw (2004)

When the teachers enter Danville, for a quick second you can see the movie poster of "Cooties" on the wall of the Movie Theater they pass. It's one of a lollipop

The photo featured in the beginning of the film inside Clint's (Elijah Wood) bedroom is actually a picture of Elijah Wood when he was younger

This was the second time that 'Elijah Wood' fought monsters in a school. The first one was The Faculty

The scene where a girl rides into a room on a tricycle appears to be a reference to the character, Billy, from the Saw franchise, also written by Leigh Whannell

There's a short scene after the credits

A certain point in the film, Rain Wilson's character (Wade) insults Clint (Elijah Wood) by calling him a Hobbit. A Hobbit is the race Elijah Wood played in the Lord of the Rings trilogy

Several movie and video game references are in the film. Lord of the Rings, Aliens. Resident Evil, State of Decay, Terminator