Dabdaba (2003)

 ●  Hindi ● Running Time: TBA

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Ram lives with his mom, businessman father, Girdharilal, and an unmarried sister. He is in love with Pooja, the daughter of Jaspal Singh, who works as a Supervisor in Girdharilal's firm. When Girdharilal comes to know that his son would like to get married to Jaspal's daughter, he fires Jaspal, and makes him an equal partner with his firm. This does not auger well with K.K. the existing partner and he kills both Girdharilal and Jaspal; frames Ram for the killing with the help of a corrupt police inspector. However, Ram's friend, Salim Khan, the son of Home Minister, Nawab Khan, pulls some strings to set Ram free. Ram is obsesses with vengeance and will not rest until K.K. is killed. A terrified K.K. seeks protection with underworld Don, Nagra, who eventually ends up killing K.K. in order to escape from the wrath of Ram, who is now knows as Ramabhai. That done, Ram decides to marry Pooja and they settle down in a far-off place. Soon Pooja gets pregnant, much to their joy. But then the past comes to re-visit them in the shape and form of CBI Inspector Rajpal Singh, Jaspal brother, and Pooja's paternal uncle, who has been assigned the task of apprehending Nagra. It is here that Ram finds out that K.K. is still alive, and his death was a scam. Enraged, Ram anger knows no bounds and he must again embark on a killing spree - this time to kill both Nagra and K.K. - knowing fully well that Rajpal Singh is hot on his trail as well.

Cast: Pinky Chinoy, Pooja Dadwal, Shoaib Khan

Crew: Shyam Sonie (Director)

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

Release Dates: 01 Jan 2003 (India)

Hindi Name: दबदबा

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