Dhoom 3 (2013)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 53 mins

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Stylized and scintillating, 'Dhoom 3' is a suspense action thriller that revolves around the life of a circus performer who is a skilled illusionist. However, when his father who was his teacher, guide and friend dies after losing his beloved Great Indian Circus, he swears revenge on the Bank that pushed him over the edge. He uses his skills of deception to burglarise the corrupt bank in Chicago. Two cops from Mumbai assigned to investigate the case stand in his way as they diligently monitor his every move, awaiting a false step.
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Did you know? Several iconic Chicago buildings are re-purposed locations for the film. The headquarters for the Chicago Police Department is the Tribune Tower and The Great Indian Circus is the Shedd Aquarium, for two notable examples. Read More
300 bucks not very well spent.

Painstakingly long movie with a loose story line. Aamir Khan impresses with his action and stunts. Mediocre display by AB and Katrina and Uday's role could hardly be justified. Overall average sounds much better than Dhoom 3.

as Sahir
as Radhika
as A.C.P. Jai Dixit
as Anderson
as Waitress / Circus Attendee
as Businessman
as Dancer
as Witch Dancer
as Police Sergeant
as Circus Patron
as Painter
as Executive Banker
as Lawyer / Pawn Shop customer / Police Officer
as Business Woman
as Businessman
as Officer Dolan
as Police officer
as Circus goer / love song party goer
as Business Woman on street
as Dancer
as Selina Kapoor
as Grandpa
as Alley Punk
as Bank Teller
as Circus patron, business woman
as Sahir Bus Mother
Supporting Actor
as Boy dancer / extra
as Backup Dancer
Supporting Actor
as Metro Police Officer
Supporting Actor
as Theme Park Guest
as Sahir Bus Naughty Child
as Banker
as Jennifer
as Paramedic
as Bikini girl / Amusement park patron
as Police Officer
as Banker
as Traveller
as Street Basketball Player
as Window shopper
as Banker
as Pedestrian
as Bank Security
as Traveller
as Pawn Shop Patron
as Aerial Performer
as Motorcycle Chase Observer
as The Father On The Dock
as Indian news reporter
as Amusement Park Employee
as Police Officer
as Circus Attendee
as Pawnbroker
as Banker 1
as Dancer
Supporting Actress
as Dancer
Supporting Actress
as Audition Barker
as Abar Fateh Khan


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24 fps
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1.44:1 (IMAX), 2.39:1 (Scope)
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Dubbed into: Dhoom 3 (Telugu)
Follows: Dhoom:2 (Hindi)
Remade as: The Mafia (Bengali)
Dubbed into: Dhoom 3 (Tamil)
Follows: Dhoom (Hindi)
Edited from: The Prestige (English)
Reference: Raging Bull (English)
Reference: Ready (Hindi)
Reference: Special 26 (Hindi)
Referenced in: Zero (Hindi)
Featured in: Mardaani (Hindi)
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The thief, Sahir Khan, was seen by several people after he had jumped out of the bank building after the first robbery scene; he rides past several policemen and traffic cameras, but nobody is able to recognise him later when he visits the police headquarters. Moreover, the pictures of his bike escape were being played on the TV screens while he was in conversation with Jai Dixit inside the police headquarters.

In the last chase scene, after both brothers have escaped, Jai Dixit asks Victoria to get him a SWAT team and chopper. Next day when the brothers are on the dam, the SWAT team and chopper along with many other cops are there. How did Jai Dixit know that the brothers were going to be there? And what were the brothers doing at the dam in the first place?

Revealing Mistakes
During the fight scene between Jai Dixit and the local goons, he breaks through several brick walls while riding an auto-rickshaw, but the vehicle does not even end up with a single scratch despite breaking through several solid walls.

Revealing Mistakes
When both the Samar and Sahir are falling front he dam, tears are shown rolling downwards from his eye, but when falling at that speed tears will roll upwards not downwards.

Revealing Mistakes
When Samar is cooking dinner after the flashback scenes, Sahir puts his hand into the hot pan to take the chicken, but he does not actually take the chicken as it is impossible to completely merge two scenes made with motion sensors. Sahir eats the chicken in his scene but does not actually have it in his hand in Samar's scene, as they are playing a twin role.

Factual Mistake
Samar is shown taking a CTA (Chicago Transit) bus to and from Six Flags Amusement Park. The park is located far from the city limits and is not accessible via public transportation. Also, a "Not in Service" display is shown on the bus's side.

Errors in Geography
When Jai and Ali are walking past a train at the Chicago station on their way to the airport, when they get fired on the job, they our shown walking past a SBB CFF FFS train (Swiss Railways). This scene was shot at the Zurich HB (Central) Train Station.

Errors in Geography
During the second sequence Jai chases Samar outside of the city limits into the suburbs for the chase to immediately switch back to the Loop after Samar is shot. Samar would have been driving for several miles between being shot and then evading Jai.

Errors in Geography
When Jai and Ali are discussing the case at Victoria's penthouse, mountains are clearly visible in the background. It is inconsistent with the landscape of the American Midwest or Chicago, which is the supposed setting of the film.

Errors in Geography
It is glaringly obvious that the entire final sequence is not near Chicago, as there are no mountains or hydroelectric dams of that size in the region.

In the bike on the rope scene, it is not possible to automatically adjust the tire pressure. when the bike is on the rope there is no air pressure in both the tires but suddenly the pressure becomes normal while the is on the road again.

When Jai and Sahir are at a face-off on their bikes with iron rods in their hands, the headlight on Sahir's bike is switched off during close-up shots and switched on during distance shots.

In the auto rickshaw fight scene, the front tires of Ali's bike keep changing from Continental to Zapper.

In the scene when Uday chases Aamir, Uday has completely black glasses but when Aamir goes over him with his bike Uday's glasses change to blue rims and black glasses.

In the song Kamli, you first see Katrina Kaif with a long pair of tights on. Then you don't, but it is never shown of her removing it.

Character Error
During the first robbery scene, when Sahir is falling down from the bank building, neither his clothes, nor his hair are fluttering in the air, which is expected when someone is under such a free fall.

Revealing Mistakes
At the beginning Sahir goes to Pawn shop to sells rings when the man sees the owner offers $20. The $20 bill is a current bill not the '90s bill.
Several iconic Chicago buildings are re-purposed locations for the film. The headquarters for the Chicago Police Department is the Tribune Tower and The Great Indian Circus is the Shedd Aquarium, for two notable examples.

The stunt wherein Aamir rides a bike on the rope was done digitally with only the background being shot as per VFX director.

The climax scene in this movie is shot at the famous arch dam, Contra Dam (commonly known as the Verzasca Dam) in Ticino, Switzerland. It is the same dam that became a popular bungee jumping venue after a James Bond stuntman jumped off it in the opening scene of GoldenEye (1995).

The role of Jennifer is played by Kim DeJeus. At the time of filming, her husband David DeJesus played for the Chicago Cubs baseball team.

This movie is loosely based on the Hollywood film 'The Prestige'.

It was the 75th highest grossing film of 2013 worldwide.

This movie was hailed as 'the biggest hit of 2013',which surpassed Chennai Express to become the highest-grossing Bollywood film of all time domestically and worldwide, eventually breaking the record of 3 Idiots (another Aamir Khan starrer) and making it the highest-grossing Bollywood film of all time in international markets.

The cooperative giant, Amul that is popularly known for its out of the box advertisements and billboards, has roped in none other than 'Dhoom 3' baddie Aamir Khan to highlight its message of good health and strength from Amul's products, with a beefy Aamir Khan lost in thought as he looks out the glass windows, sipping some and munching on bread and butter.

Bollywood's first film to be released in the IMAX format.

Raising the bar of pre-release promotions, came up with innovative advertisements with tag lines reading "It's Dhoom day. Are you bunking college today?".

'Dhoom 3' released simultaneously with 3 Malayalam films but had more number of screens in Kerala than the others.

Most of the action sequences for this movie were done in Chicago and was handled by Hollywood stunt man Conrad Palmisano, and the entire stunt team comprised of professionals from LA.

The set for the song 'Malang' was set up in Reliance Studios and took over 2 months to complete.

Professionally trained gymnasts for the song 'Malang' were flown in from the United States and trained in Mumbai for 20 days.

'Malang' is the most expensive song in this movie. Around the central theme of gymnastics, this song has over 200 dancers in the frame.

Aamir Khan says that his character in Dhoom 3 - Sahir, has been the toughest role till date. He had to undergo rigorous training to play the clown thief.

Aditya Chopra showed Amitabh Bachchan the Dhoom 3 trailer. He found the trailer awesome and messaged Aamir Khan telling him how he loved his work.

Aamir used one bowler hat throughout the film. At the Dhoom 3 trailer launch for fans, Aamir readily gave his bowler hat to a fan who asked for it. He has made 3 more in reserve.