Dr. Strangelove (1964)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 35 mins

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By turns insightful and comedic, this classic suspense drama follows the complex sequence of events sparked by paranoid Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper of Burpelson Air Force Base. Based on the delusion and belief that fluoridation of the American water supply is a Soviet plot to poison the U.S. populace, Ripper decides able to deploy, through a back door mechanism, a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union without the knowledge of his superiors, including the Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Buck Turgidson, and President Merkin Muffley. Only Ripper knows the code to recall the B-52 bombers and he has shut down communication in and out of Burpelson as a measure to protect this attack. Ripper's executive officer, RAF Group Captain Lionel Mandrake (on exchange from Britain), who is being held at Burpelson by Ripper, believes he knows the recall codes if he can only get a message to the outside world. Meanwhile at the Pentagon War Room, key persons including Muffley, Turgidson and nuclear scientist and adviser, a former Nazi named Dr. Strangelove, are discussing measures to stop the attack or mitigate its blow-up into an all out nuclear war with the Soviets. Against Turgidson's wishes, Muffley brings Soviet Ambassador Alexi de Sadesky into the War Room, and get his boss, Soviet Premier Dimitri Kisov, on the hot line to inform him of what's going on. The Americans in the War Room are dismayed to learn that the Soviets have a yet as unannounced Doomsday Device to detonate if any of their key targets are hit. As Ripper, Mandrake and those in the War Room try and work the situation to their end goal, Major T.J. "King" Kong, one of the B-52 bomber pilots, is working on his own agenda of deploying his bomb where ever he can on enemy soil if he can't make it to his intended target. In this tense and dangerous circumstance, with so many unstable powers at play, how will events unfold? What will happen of Ripper?
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Cast: Peter Sellers

Crew: Stanley Kubrick (Director), Gilbert Taylor (Director of Photography), Laurie Johnson (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Comedy, War

Release Dates: 29 Jan 1964 (India), 17 May 2019 (United Kingdom)

Tagline: The hot-line suspense comedy.

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Did you know? In one version of the script, aliens from outer space observed all of the action. Read More
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The hot-line suspense comedy.
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Revealing Mistakes
Strings can be seen holding up the model of the bomber.

Revealing Mistakes
In the cockpit scenes, when the aircraft banks during evasive maneuvers, no change appears in the instruments: they continue indicating straight and level flight.

Factual Mistake
Typos in the opening captions include "Base on the book Red Alert by Peter George", "ficticious" instead of "fictitious", and "occurence" instead of "occurrence".

Factual Mistake
When the ending of the opening credits it says "Base on the Novel Red Alert" instead of "Based on the Novel Red Alert".

Factual Mistake
The pilots wings on General Turgidson are basic pilot wings. For a four star general they should be Command Pilot Wings with a wreath and star on top.

Character Error
James Earl Jones is sporting the most magnificently bushy sideburn peeking out from under his helmet during several shots. Hardly a military short back 'n' sides.

In many of scenes showing the B-52 flying from behind, the plane banks and turns yet none of the control surfaces on the wings move.

Factual Mistake
The B-52 aircraft models shown in the film have no tail numbers.
Tracy Reed, the only woman seen in the film, plays Turgidson's secretary Miss Scott, who was billed in some early advertisements as "Miss Foreign Affairs".

Based on the novel "Red Alert" by Peter George, and originally conceived as a tense thriller about the possibility of accidental nuclear war.

James Earl Jones' earlier thought Slim Pickens was staying in character off camera, until being told he wasn't putting on the character, that's the way he always talked.

James Earl Jones made his debut with this film. Stanley Kubrick cast him after seeing him in a production of William Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice", in which George C. Scott also appeared.

Peter Sellers was actually paid $1 million, 55% of the film's budget. Stanley Kubrick famously quipped "I got three for the price of six".

Dr. Strangelove's glove used in the film is from Stanley Kubrick's personal collection.

In one version of the script, aliens from outer space observed all of the action.