Dui Bone (1975)

 ●  Bengali ● Running Time: TBA

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This multi-layered drama delves into the twists and turns in the life of Anand, a sincere and idealistic man, who lives a life of integrity as a poet and writer. He lives a simple and independent life under severe financial constraints, despite being from an affluent family. Anand is good friends with Bulbul Mithro, a wealthy painter who moves in aristocratic circles. Anand rents a simple space where it turns out that the owner's daughter is Ulka, a talented college student. Anand becomes friendly with Hemu, an impoverished young woman who lives in the house with her much younger brother and does all the work. Ulka on the other hand, falls in love with a famous writer, Gautam Bose, even though she has never met him. When Anand falls very ill Hemu cares for him. Ulka, who is jealous of the closeness between Hemu and Anand, sparks suspicion about their relationship and forces Anand to leave the place. What is the true identity of the enigmatic Gautam Bose? How will the respective futures of Anand, Hemu and Ulka pan out?

Cast: Bijay Chakrabarty, Sumitra Mukherjee

Crew: Sachin Adhikari (Director)

Genres: Drama, Romance

Release Dates: 01 Jan 1975 (India)

Bengali Name: দুই বনে

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