Dynamite (2015)

 ●  Telugu ● 2 hrs 22 mins

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An action film directed by Katta Deva, starring Vishnu Manchu and Pranitha Subhash in the lead roles.

Cast: Pranitha Subhash, Vishnu Manchu

Crew: Katta Deva (Director), Satish Muthyala (Director of Photography), Achu Rajamani (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India)

Genres: Action

Release Dates: 04 Sep 2015 (India)

Telugu Name: డైనమైట్

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Did you know? The film is a remake of the Tamil movie Arima Nambi (2014). Read More
Vishnu breathes life into a thriller plot , JD impresses

Director Deva Katta designs his latest pot boiler"Dynamite" for all those die hard Vishnu Manchu fans..with the producer being Manchu Krishna, this is hardly a surprise. Reel after reel un spools to showcase Vishnu's physique, punchlines and daredevil approach to the action scenes which are quite well executed.The chase pre intermission when Vishnu rescues his lady love Pranitha Subash( endearing even in spite of those distracting teeny weeny shorts) needs special mention.The music does not quite make a mark in spite of all glitz and glamour oozing.
Inspired by the tamil flick "Arima nambi" starring Prabhu's son and Priya Anand, Dynamite is a fairly engaging watch which seemed to need more crisp editing.The plot is interesting and the execution fairly competent though no where near the original.The other inspired piece of acting comes from J.D.Chakravarthy who plays his role with grey shades with supple relish.The confrontation scenes between Vishnu and JD are a riot in the pre climax and climax portions.Watch this one if you like Vishnu Manchu( he looks hot and charming and enacts his role credibly) or if you have nothing much to do and would prefer a time pass passable entertainer.

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Frame Rate:
24 fps
Aspect Ratio:
2.35:1, 2.39:1 (Scope)
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Music Label: Junglee Music

Music Director: Achu Rajamani
Playback Singer: Adnan Sami

Music Director: Achu Rajamani
Playback Singer: Tippu, Geetha Madhuri

Music Director: Achu Rajamani
Lyricist: Pothula Ravi
Playback Singer: Geetha Madhuri
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Dubbed into: Dynamite (Hindi)
The film is a remake of the Tamil movie Arima Nambi (2014).
'Dynamite' climax shooting completed
02 Apr 2015, by IndiaGlitz