Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (2016)

 ●  English ● 2 hrs 12 mins

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In 1926, an author arrives in New York City with a peculiar suitcase. He happens to be a wizard working to protect endangered magical creatures. Can he find and safeguard the fantastic beasts? What dangers will he face during his journey?
See Storyline (May Contain Spoilers)

Cast: Eddie Redmayne, Ezra Miller, Jon Voight, Katherine Waterston

Crew: David Yates (Director), Philippe Rousselot (Director of Photography), James Newton Howard (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India)

Genres: Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Release Dates: 18 Nov 2016 (India), 17 Nov 2016 (Malaysia), 17 Nov 2016 (Singapore), 17 Nov 2016 (United Arab Emirates)

Tagline: From J.K. Rowling's wizarding world

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Did you know? Actors Michael Cera and Josh Gad were considered for the role of Jacob before Dan Fogler was finalized Read More
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as Newt Scamander
as Kredan
as Henry Shaw, Sr
as Porpentina Scamander
as International Royal Dignitar
as Criminal
as Store Worker
as Wizard
as Criminal
as Auror
as Bank Begging Tramp
as Pedestrian
as Gala Guest
as Queenie
as Boat Crew
as Wizard
as Gangster at bar
as Bank Customer
as Criminal on 'Wanted' Poster
as New Yorker
as Housewife
as Gala Guest
as Auror
as Young Gentleman
as New York Citizen
as New York Chief of Police
as Smart New Yorker
as The Watchman
as New York Citizen
as Tenement Woman
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as Tenement Woman
as Momolou Wotorson
as Exterminator
as New York Banker
as Gala Dinner Guest
as Customs Officer
as Graves
as Gala Guest
as Banker
as New Yorker
as New York Citizen
as Jacob
as Street Vendor
as Tenement
as New York Socialite
as Gentleman
as Porter
as Journalist
as Banker Smirnoff
as Circus Escapologist
as Factory Worker
as Journalist
as Creature Performer
as Passerby
as Executioner #1
as Policeman
as Modesty
as Mrs. Goldstein
as Bank Client
as Newspaper boy
as Aura
Supporting Actress
as Gangster
as High Level Wizard
as Immigrant
as Skender
as High Society Gentleman
as New York Citizen
as Newsroom Reporter
as Female Customer in Bakery
as Higher class Gentleman
as Chastity
as Macusa Receptionist
as Young Wizard
as New York Citizen
as Blind Pig Criminal
as Grindelwald
as Spaniard Ship Passenger
as New York Cop
as Senator Henry Shaw
as Young Husband
as Polish Noble Man / Jan Kowalski
as Banker
as New York Socialite
as Abernathy
as Higher Class Gentleman
as Jazz Girl
as South American Passenger on Newt's Boat
as Newt Boat Man
as Pedestrian
as Italian Tenant in New York
as Officer 247
as Photographer
as Witch
as Secretary
as NYC Banker
as Journalist
as New Yorker
as Photographer
as New Yorker
as Gala guest
as Bank Guard
as Gala Doorman and Waiter
as Watchman
as Bank Guard
as Gala Dinner Guest
as Australian Wizard
as New York Gentleman
as Aunt of the Bride
as New York Citizen
as Journalist
as New York Journalist
as Gala Guest
as Factory Worker
as Gilbert Bingley
as Gentleman
as Auror
as Gala Guest
as Upperclass Wizard
as Gnarlack
as Laurence
as Gala Speechwriter
as Waiter
as Customs Official
as Mary Lou
as Criminal
as New Yorker
as High society gentleman / gala guest
as Gala Dinner Guest
as Witness
as The Announcer
as Doorman
as Auror
as Gala Dinner Guest
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From J.K. Rowling's wizarding world
J.K. Rowling invites you to a new era of the wizarding world
Samantha Morton and Colin Farrell had earlier worked together in Minority Report

Grindewald is being portrayed by Johnny Depp in this film, but the role was previously essayed by Jamie Campbell Bower in the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Michael Cera had dropped the role of Jacob to oice the animated series The Lego Batman Movie

Actresses Kate Upton and Elizabeth Debicki were considered for the role of Tina before Katherine Waterston was finalized

Actors Michael Cera and Josh Gad were considered for the role of Jacob before Dan Fogler was finalized

Before finalizing Alison Sudol for the role of Queenie, other artistes such as Saoirse Ronan, Dakota Fanning, Kristen Stewart, and Lili Simmons were also considered

Eddie Redmayne was the first and final choice for the lead role of Newt Scamander according to J.K. Rowling

Initially the movie was intended to be a trilogy but was finalized as a five part series.

According to the Harry Potter universe, Newt Scamander's best selling novel "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" was first published in 1927 and had become an approved textbook at Hogwarts

The name Newt Scamander had previously appeared in the Harry Potter series