Fantastic Four (2005)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 46 mins

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This action-oriented superhero thriller follows the experiences and exploits of four astronauts, who, after being exposed to cosmic radiation during a space mission, find their entire lives remarkably altered. Inventor, astronaut and scientist Reed Richards, his ex-girlfriend Susan Storm, and pilots Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm, are torn apart and reformed atom-by-atom during their space mission. Soon after they return to Earth, they each manifest fantastic superpowers. Richards can stretch his body to inhuman lengths; Susan Storm can become invisible and create force fields; her brother Johnny Storm can ignite his body into living flame and soar through the air; and Ben Grimm's human features have been erased - now he wears the rocky form of a super-strong, invulnerable 'thing'. Outsiders to the human race, the group remain together and try to stop a madman named Dr. Doom who wants to reshape the world into his own twisted image.

Cast: Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba

Crew: Tim Story (Director), Oliver Wood (Director of Photography), John Ottman (Music Director)

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Release Dates: 08 Jul 2005 (India)

Tagline: 4 times the action. 4 times the adventure. 4 times the fantastic

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Did you know? Michael Chiklis wore prosthetic teeth as part of his costume for The Thing. To prepare himself to speak with the prostheses, Chiklis wore them when reading to his children. Read More
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as Reed Richards
as Sue Storm
as Compound Doctor
as Bohemian Girl 2
as Girl in Park
as Reporter - ETalk Daily
as Newsstand Pedestrian
as Compound Reporter #3
as Compound Reporter #2
as X Games Riders
as Reporter
as Johnny Storm
as NYPD Bridge Cop 2
as Bridge Reporter
as Old Lady with Car #2
as Reporter - FX
as Ernie
as Gallery Patron
as Chief Fireman
as X Games Announcer
as Truck Driver
as Fireman Hanging Off Bridge
as Victor's Doctor
as Construction Worker
as Elevator Lady
as Nightclub Boyfriend
as Elevator Lady
as LV Receptionist
as Leonard
as Newsstand Vendor
as Reporter - KING-TV
as Little Girl on Bridge
as X Games Reporter
as NYPD Bridge Cop 1
as Cop
as Bridge Business Man
as Elevator Lady
as Reporter - FX
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as Construction Worker
as Reporter - Fox Network News
as Lusting Model
as Victor von Doom
as Elevator Lady
as Himself - Cowboy Kenny
as Alicia Masters
as Jimmy O'Hoolihan
as Reporter - KCOP
as Debbie McIlvane
as Elevator Lady
as Old Lady with Car #1
as Cab Driver
as Computer
as Sexy Nurse
as Reporter - UPN-9
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as Lusting Model
as Principal
as Homeless Guy
as Ben Grimm
as Ned Cecil
as Elevator Lady
as Reporter - Fox Network News
as Corvette Redhead
as Little Girl
as Nightclub Girlfriend
as NYPD Bridge Cop 3
as Homeless Woman
as Bohemian Girl 1
as Lame Joke Businessman
as Goth Guy
as Ship Worker
as Extra
as Reporter - Wizard
as Hotel Guest
as Himself
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as Girl in Park
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as Newsstand Pedestrian
as Storm's Fan
as Willie Lumpkin
as Lusting Model
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as Reporter- City TV
as Compound Reporter #1
as Lusting Model
as Elevator Lady
as Principal


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4 times the action. 4 times the adventure. 4 times the fantastic
When an experimental space voyage goes wrong, four people are dramatically changed by cosmic rays to become the Fantastic Four
Fun. Fabulous. Fantastic
Prepare for the fantastic
In the scene where "The Thing" gets out of the police van, a blanket under the van which hides the hydraulic rams is visible (so the van can be shown to be moving up and down because of the Thing's weight.)

In the scene where Victor Von Doom is shown proposing to Sue Storm in the space station, for a brief moment you can see a reflection of the blue screens they used to create "space".

While the first interview scene on the bridge, Johnny hugs Ben and you can see that his shoulder is actually soft foam, not rock.

In the scene where Doom hits Ben with the light pole and Ben hits the ground, concrete from the street comes up before he actually hits the pavement.

In the scene where The Thing walks into the bar his footsteps are heavy enough to bounce the pool table and make the jukebox music jump, yet the drinks on the tables don't move at all.

Factual Mistake
In the scene where Reed is evaluating the group members, the screen lists Ben's powers as "superhuman strenght".

Errors in Geography
The logo for CityTV of Vancouver is clearly visible in a street scene.

Errors in Geography
In the scenes that are supposed to take place in New York, you can clearly see the Burrard and Granville bridges of Vancouver, BC.

In the scene where Johnny Storm is coming out of the motorcycle show, he has his arms round the shoulders of two women. In the next shot he is linking arms with them then in the next shot, his arms are back round their shoulders.

In the scene where the waitress sets the stack of pancakes in front of Ben in the diner (with Von Doom), the butter pat slides off the side. In the next shot, the butter has magically jumped back to the top center of the stack, and stays there for the rest of the scene.

During Von Doom is watching Mr. Fantastic on his monitors as he's doing the equations on the blackboards, the final underlined statement is already on the board - then Mr. Fantastic goes and writes it on the board, underlines it, and retracts his arm.

Audio/Video Mismatch
In the scene where Dr. Doom is bending Reed Richards finger back when he's super cooled, Dr. Doom's hand slips and lets Reed's finger go at the end of the shot, but it continues to make the crunchy noises as if he is still bending the finger.

Audio/Video Mismatch
While the motorcycle show you can hear the announcer speak, during an overview shot, but you can clearly see that he doesn't have the microphone near his mouth.
Hugh Jackman was originally offered the role of Reed Richards.

Jessica Alba nearly fainted when she was with Julian McMahon in the space station scene. due to a kidney infection she had during filming.

Michael Chiklis was terribly uncomfortable in the hot Thing suit throughout most of the shoot. The final street battle, however, was filmed in Vancouver in December, leaving Chiklis as the only comfortable one of the four (the rest were in the skintight blue uniforms).

Michael Chiklis wore prosthetic teeth as part of his costume for The Thing. To prepare himself to speak with the prostheses, Chiklis wore them when reading to his children.

Michael Chiklis's Thing is Stan Lee's favourite performance in any Marvel film ever.