Fateh (1991)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 51 mins

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Ranvir, Karan, and Salim are military commandos under the command of Major Anand. One of their assignments results in apprehending arms-dealer and drug-smuggler, Munna, but things go wrong when Munna shoots at Anand, crippling him, and manages to escape, with a scarred face. Anand is forced to retire, dependent on a cane to assist him to walk, and opens a garage. Then the three commandos receive word that Anand has been shot dead, and all of them go to attend his funeral. They start making inquiries and find out that a gangster named Bablia may have been responsible for Anand's death, then they find out that Bablia was behind bars on the day that Anand was shot. The trio decide to stick around and find out who actually killed Anand, and why no one is coming forward to testify against the killer(s).
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Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Sonam Murad

Crew: Talat Jani (Director), Naresh Sharma (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India)

Genres: Action

Release Dates: 30 Jan 1991 (India)

Hindi Name: फ़तेह

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Did you know? Producer Mukesh Duggal regretted working with Mohsin Khan. Read More
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as Karan
as Sahira
as Tau
as DIG Gill
as Arms Dealer
as Maria
as Henchman
as Guddi
as Albert Pinto
as Goon
as Salim
as Samrat
as Ranvir
as Maria's Father
as Shabana
as Inspector Doshi
as Major Anand
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Producer Mukesh Duggal regretted working with Mohsin Khan.

Raveena Tandon was offered the film but turned it down because she was in college at the time.