Finding Neverland (2004)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 46 mins

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Embedded with awesome fantasy and poignant reality, this semi-biographical saga revolves around a floundering writer, J.M. Barrie who desperately seeks creative inspiration. It is then that he comes into contact with a family in dire straits that consists of a widow and her four children and develops a tremendously soulful connection with them. This magical saga touchingly traces the Scottish author's platonic relationship with Sylvia Llewelyn Davies, and his close friendship with her sons named George, Jack, Peter, and Michael, who inspire the classic play 'The Boy Who Never Grew Up'. The movie intricately depicts how Barrie slowly bonds with four children, who have no father. Drawing from his time with the kids, he writes a story about children who don't want to grow up, which turns into a sublimely beautiful and universally appealing children's classic, 'Peter Pan'.
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Cast: Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet

Crew: Marc Forster (Director), Roberto Schaefer (Director of Photography), Jan AP Kaczmarek (Music Director)

Genres: Drama, Biography

Release Dates: 17 Dec 2004 (India)

Tagline: Unlock your imagination.

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Did you know? Johnny Depp was the first of the cast members to sign on to the film. Kate Winslet was next. Read More
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as Sir James Matthew Barrie
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as Charles Frohman
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Unlock your imagination.
How far can your imagination take you.
Where will your imagination take you?
Crew/Equipment Visible
When Peter is knocking over his set for his play, a man in a t-shirt, blue jeans and a baseball cap is reflected in the window.

Factual Mistake
There was much literary license taken regarding J.M. Barrie and his relationships with key characters. He and his wife didn't divorce until several years after the film's time period. Also, Sylvia's husband didn't die several years after the film; Sylvia didn't until 1910, six years after the Peter Pan premiere. Barrie knew the boys for several years before their apparent first meeting.

While they are watching the play in the Davies' home Michael goes from leaning onto his mother to sitting up straight to leaning on his mother again.

When J.M. Barrie is explaining the concept of the play to Frohman, there is a car approaching them from behind as they walk down the street. The position of the car changes dramatically between shots, though the continuity of the conversation is unchanged.

when Peter is knocking down the stage for his play he steps over the "sun", but in the next shot he grabs it from its spot leaning against a wall.

When the actors are doing the Peter Pan play in the Davies house, just before the wall comes up revealing Neverland, the actor playing Peter's hair is messy, but when she enters Neverland, her hair is neat and tidy.

The first scene of "Finding Neverland", is set in 1903, the opening night of James Barrie's play "Little Mary". The vehicle in which Mr & Mrs Snow arrive is a Rolls-Royce model 40/50 HP, also known as a "Silver Ghost". This is an anachronism. The Rolls-Royce company was formed in 1904, with production of the 40/50 HP started in 1907. Moreover, the car has a "Flying Lady" mascot on the radiator which was not designed by Charles Sykes until 1911. The specific car is identifiable from its registration number - BM 8794. It is chassis number 1979, which was delivered new on 10th May 1912. The car used to drive to the summer cottage is a Mitchell Tourer, made in Racine Wisconsin, USA. Although the Mitchell-Lewis Motor Company was founded in 1903, the model in the film appears to be about 1911, judging by the shape and style of the lettering on the radiator. It's certainly no earlier than 1910.

When J.M. Barrie is rebuffing Peter for saying Porthos is just a dog, the stuffed toys behind Peter change orientation in relation to Peter at least twice.

When J.M. gets out of the car when they are on their way to the cottage to shoo off the sheep, the road is muddy with puddles all around. When he gets back in the car, the road is perfectly fine.

Frohman's dog "changes" between two dogs throughout the film. In the scene where Frohman dances with his dog, the dog he dances with has a tinge of ginger in his hair, whereas before the dog did not.
According to producer Richard N. Gladstein, more than 50 directors passed on the project.

Johnny Depp was the first of the cast members to sign on to the film. Kate Winslet was next.

Johnny Depp was so impressed with the performance of Freddie Highmore during filming that when Depp was cast for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) he specifically requested Highmore to play the title character of Charlie.

As in the movie, it has been a tradition for a girl to play Peter Pan in stage productions.

During the opening scene most of the extras wanted to go through the left door so they could shake Dustin Hoffman's hand.