Fireworks, Should We See It From The Side Or The Bottom (2017)

 ●  Japanese ● 1 hr 30 mins

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Norimichi, Yusuke, and their friends at school, on the day when a fireworks display is planned, cannot agree whether or not fireworks are 'flat' or 'round' when they explode in the sky. With her parents divorcing, she has more serious matters on her mind. Although unknown to the others, her mother plans to take her away after the summer break. When Norimichi and Yusuke race 50 meters in the swimming pool, Nazuna secretly decides that the winner will accompany her when she runs away from home. Meanwhile, the gang from school decides that the best way to figure out the shape of fireworks is to view them from the side, and they set out for a lighthouse above the beach from which the fireworks display will be fired.

Cast: Masaki Suda, Suzu Hirose

Crew: Akiyuki Shinbo (Director), Nobuyuki Takeuchi (Director), Rei Egami (Director of Photography), Takayuki Aizu (Director of Photography), Satoru Kosaki (Music Director)

Rating: PG (Singapore)

Genres: Adventure, Animation, Drama

Release Dates: 30 Nov 2017 (Singapore), 04 Jul 2018 (United States)

Tagline: Should We See It From The Side Or The Bottom

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as Norimichi Shimada
as Nazuna Oikawa
as Yusuke Azumi
as Kangoshi
as Hanabishi
as Miura Sensei
as Yusuke Azumi
as Norimichi's mother
as Yûsuke no chichi
as Norimichi no chichi
as Partner of Nazuna's mother
as Junichi
as Teacher Mitsuishi
as Nazuna no haha
as Kazuhiro
as Minoru



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24 fps
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1.78:1, 1.85:1 (Flat)
Should We See It From The Side Or The Bottom
One repeated day of summer vacation, again and again fall in love with you
What if you could go back to that day?)
If only I could return to that day
Would you leave everything for love?
When the fireworks light up, a miracle of love will occur