Ghulami (1985)

 ●  Hindi ● 3 hrs 17 mins

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Near the India Pakistan border, lies the town of Fatehpur, and this traditional border-town forms the backdrop of this intense social drama. The story centres Ranjit Singh Choudhary who has been labeled as a rebel by his schoolmaster and his dad, Makhan's employer, Bade Thakur, as he refuses to tamely resign himself to the the injustice meted out towards the so-called lower castes. Due to the generations of discriminatory practices, the lower castes, especially farmers like his dad, and his ancestors became economic slaves to the upper-caste Thakurs, who loaned them some money, mortgaged their land, made them toil in the fields, took away their crops, molested their women, and when they passed away, forced their children to take on the debt. Ranjit decides to leave for good, but does return on the very day of his dad's passing. He is asked to assume the loan left unpaid by his dad, when he refuses to do so, he is treated as a bandit, leading him to confront the corrupt police force. When Bade Thakur's daughter, Sumitra, who was Ranjit's childhood sweetheart, marries DSP Sultan Singh, a buffalo is slaughtered and left to rot in the community well, poisoning the water, resulting in several deaths, including that of the local schoolmaster. Bandit Surajbhan Singh robs the wedding party, earns the wrath of Sultan, is hunted down, and brutally killed, resulting in Sultan's promotion as SP. Now the stage is all set for Sultan to capture Ranjit, which he does, but Ranjit manages to escape, joins forces with Havaldar-turned-renegade, Gopi Dada, and an army officer, Jabhar, to confront the Thakurs, and attempt to rid the records that bind the farmers to loans that were taken centuries ago. Sultan has undertaken to stop Ranjit, Gopi, and Jabhar, at all and any costs - and with the might of the law and the Thakurs behind him - it does look like Ranjit and his men may not have any chance at survival - leaving the evil to flourish on forever.
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Did you know? Vinod Khanna was signed for the film but was replaced by Dharmendra. Read More
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as Ranjit Singh Choudhary
as Jabhar
as SP Sultan Singh
as Narrator
as Bade Thakur's Munim
as Shamu
as Thakur Shakti Singh
as Havaldar Gopi Dada
as Thakur Jaswant Singh
as Bade Thakur
as Makhan Singh Choudhary
as Masterji
as Fatehpur's Thanedar
as Moran
as Sumitra Sultan Singh
as Mrs. Makhan Singh Choudhary




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Amitabh Bachchan was the narrator for the film.

Dharmendra's character is an amalgamation of several Indian leaders.

Vinod Khanna was signed for the film but was replaced by Dharmendra.