Going to School in India (2005)

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Going to School in India is a celebration of what school can be. It inspires children to think of going to school as fun and as an adventure. It explores different ways of going to school in India, told through the eyes of a child who goes to school in adverse conditions. Every school day millions of children go to school in India in city classrooms, mountain fields, desert tents and glowing temples. Crossing great distances, riding bicycles, wheeling wheelchairs and waiting for buses on chaotic street corners, they come with bright woven bags heavy with books, walking in flip-flops, with black-buckle shoes, bare foot, in their uniforms. They come because they believe going to school can change their lives. The film not only highlights India's extreme landscape, but also the indomitable spirits of children to conquer there landscapes and go to school. Going To School also reaffirms that going to school should be inspiring, exciting and relevant to kids' lives wherever they go to school. Going to School in India consists of eight stories of children going to school in a tent in a mud desert in the Rann of Kutchh, in the dark in Rajasthan, in a tribe in Orissa, on a mountain in Laddakh, on a wheelchair in West Bengal, in the lake in Kashmir, on a boat in Andhra Pradesh and on a bus on the busy streets of Bombay.
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Documentary Short
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