Good Newwz (2019)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 14 mins

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Varun and Deepti Batra are met with the realization that they need to have a kid before it’s too late. Little do they know that on this reproductive journey, their fates would get tied with another couple - Honey and Monika Batra. The sperm samples get mixed up, Deepti happens to be carrying Honey's child and Monika is carrying Varun's child. During the pregnancy leading up to the delivery, the couples are faced with hilarious as well as painfully emotional situations to bear with.

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Diljit Dosanjh, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kiara Advani

Crew: Raj Mehta (Director), Vishnu Rao (Director of Photography), DJ Chetas (Music Director), Herbie Sahara (Music Director), Lijo George (Music Director), Manj Musik (Music Director), Rochak Kohli (Music Director), Tanishk Bagchi (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India), NC16 (Singapore), 18TC (United Arab Emirates), 12A (United Kingdom)

Genres: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Release Dates: 27 Dec 2019 (India), 27 Dec 2019 (Australia), 27 Dec 2019 (Canada), 27 Dec 2019 (France), 13 Feb 2020 (Hong Kong), 27 Dec 2019 (New Zealand), 27 Dec 2019 (Singapore), 27 Dec 2019 (United Arab Emirates), 27 Dec 2019 (United Kingdom), 27 Dec 2019 (United States)

Tagline: The Biggest Goof-Up Of The Year

Hindi Name: गुड न्यूज़

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Did you know? The film marks Taimur Ali Khan's screen debut as a child artist. Read More
Amusingly enlightening!


It has become a trend of sorts now that the year ends with a major release. Of late, Akshay Kumar has earned the reputation of making you laugh in film after film. You expect Good Newwz, his new outing, to transport you to ha-ha-land, given the smart-n-chic promos of the film. The prime motive is to entertain you for the next 2 hours. Above and beyond, the endeavour to shun the conventional plot, bring the issue out in the open determinedly and present it in a light tone in the backdrop merit acknowledgement. Good Newwz is one of those entertainers that deliver what it promises: Funny sequences, super performances, loads and loads of laughter and an underlining message that settles with you.

Let's get this straight. Good Newwz works in totality thanks to the kind of star power and energy that the four actors pack in - Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani. It would've been difficult to hold the film from falling apart had these actors not been competent enough to carry off their respective parts. Every situation in the film seems straight out of life and there’s nothing that’s over the top. The focus is on the entertainment quotient. There are moments when you laugh so uncontrollably that it gets embarrassing and there are times when you continue smiling, even during the most ordinary scenes. Things would've gone wrong had the end stumbled and fumbled, but it doesn't. The finale, in fact, takes the film back to the level that one expects from a film of this magnitude. Take a bow, Raj Mehta. You’re a splendid storyteller.

Making an assured debut with a light, frothy film that still has something important to say, director Raj Mehta delivers one of the year’s most pleasing films. He balances the two halves adroitly. The beauty of the film lies in the fact that it instantly absorbs you. I'd like to make a special mention of the screenplay (Jyoti Kapoor and Rishabh Sharma). Not once does it deviate to the tried and tested track. It's engaging content from commencement to conclusion and along with a set of impeccably cast actors, it's one joy ride you can't afford to miss. Having said that I'd like to add that the movie loses some steam (for a few minutes) in the post-interval portions, but, thankfully, Good Newwz doesn't get unbalanced. The movie accomplishes what it sets out to do -- it enlightens and entertains and that, in my opinion, is no puny achievement. The entire movie will make you enjoy the war of words between Akshay, Kareena, Diljit and Kiara at regular intervals. Good Newzz also works because the script is believable and the journey from Scene A to Z is well structured.

Also, one needs to applaud the endeavour because hi-concept films take the unconventional route, yet enlighten and entertain, both. Sure, masala movies are great fun, but a film like Good Newwz breaks the monotony, shatters the unwritten rules of the game and scores brownie points. Cinema is rapidly changing and one can connect with viewers across the globe even without making the usual mainstream Hindi movie. Good Newwz proves it! It's Raj Mehta who stands out with a near-perfect film in his very first attempt. The concept is oven-fresh and the handling of a number of dramatic moments is noteworthy. He not only merges funny situations and emotional moments with aplomb but also makes a compelling, wholesome film. Good Newwz is thought-provoking at the same time. The message the movie conveys comes across loud and clear and that's one of the prime reasons why Good Newwz becomes a deserving watch.

Every person behind the camera gives his/her best to the film. Jyoti Kapoor and Rishabh Sharma's screenplay is the mainstay of the film. Vishnu Rao's cinematography is awesome. The DoP does a magnificent job. Dialogues (Jyoti Kapoor, Rishabh Sharma and Raj Mehta) are sure to make your jaws ache. A couple of the inadvertent funny scenes are howlarious. The background score (John Stewart Eduri) is perfect. Musically, it's a hit score with a mix of peppy and melodious numbers. Sohel Sanwari's sound design is utterly believable. Casting (Shruti Mahajan), filtering, blending of characters together and depicting them in a film like this, without outlasting any one character's limit and to give off a cosmopolitan effect, is a lesson indeed and how! The editing (Manish More) is feverish, which is the best part of the enterprise.

Good Newwz belongs to everyone. Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani deliver an equally sterling performance. The film would be incomplete without any of these characters. Note another aspect where director Raj Mehta makes all the difference: All these actors have been a part of comic capers in the past, but after having watched them in Good Newwz, not once do you feel that they're repeating themselves. Akshay Kumar is in terrific form. This role offers him ample scope to go beyond the comic roles he specializes in. One performance that should find a prominent place in his impressive repertoire. Diljit Dosanjh is dependable yet again. He is so comfortable in light roles that even if he sleepwalks, he'd make you giggle. He's outstanding from start to end. Kareena Kapoor Khan leaves an indelible impression. The glam looks combined with that rare confidence takes this performance to dizzy heights. Clearly, Kareena is miles ahead of her contemporaries as far as talent goes and this film proves it yet again. Kiara Advani is a complete natural, has all the trappings of a fine actress and delivers a super confident performance. She adds enormous value to the movie by her act, screen presence and striking looks. She's truly admirable. Another actor to watch out for is Adil Hussain. He's natural to the core, addressing a role without going overboard. Tisca Chopra is splendid. She enacts her part with amazing ease.

On the whole, Good Newwz promises entertainment unlimited and delivers it with aplomb. Do carry your kerchief along. It makes you laugh, it makes you moist-eyed. The makers have had the courage to bring a diverse issue out in the open, narrating a daringly different story without getting preachy. Witty, funny and also emotional, Good Newwz is forward-thinking, progressive commercial cinema which vastly enlightens and hugely entertains! At the box-office, it has the potential to rock big time. No Hindi movie buff should deprive himself/herself of watching this crackerjack affair, which ends the decade on a high. Grab a ticket today!

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The Biggest Goof-Up Of The Year
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The film marks Taimur Ali Khan's screen debut as a child artist.
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30 Nov 2018