Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

 ●  English ● 2 hrs 10 mins

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This inspiring biography follows the life of a principled man serving as a doctor in the American army during World War II, who objected to carrying weapons or inflicting violence at any cost, earning him a Medal of Honour for his conscientiousness.
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Cast: Andrew Garfield, Luke Bracey, Sam Worthington, Teresa Palmer, Vince Vaughn

Crew: Mel Gibson (Director), Simon Duggan (Director of Photography), Rupert Gregson Williams (Music Director)

Rating: A (India)

Genres: Drama, History, War

Release Dates: 16 Dec 2016 (India), 16 Feb 2017 (Malaysia), 19 Jan 2017 (Singapore), 10 Nov 2016 (United Arab Emirates)

Tagline: Based on the incredible true story.

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Did you know? Randall Wallace was previously set to direct. Read More
*SPOILER*  Mel Gibson's major comeback after a decade

"War does not determine who is right - only who is left" - Bertrand Russell
Ensemble Cast : Andrew Garfield, Teresa Palmer, Sam Worthington, Vince Vaughn

Directed by : Mel Gibson

While sitting at a well known theatre, for some random movie, this trailer popped up. I was like I need to watch this movie by all means. The trailer sparked some curiosity and the thought that someone was willing to fight a war as big as WWII "unarmed !!" baffled me. To top it all up it is very much based on a true story. Then of course my memory got a little jittery about the title. After watching this movie make it to almost every top must watch lists I linked it at all up and the urge to watch this masterpiece grew bigger. So there I was, tickets all booked and geared to experience war like none other. There were some fears such as "what if it is just another - FURY" - a magnum opus in its own right. But trust me this movie is way beyond expectations. It talks about the struggles of war, a family with unsettling kids rooted in the 7th Day Adventist Church beliefs. Much to the father's dismay the kids, all grown up now, get themselves enlisted in the army. Each of the two with different perceptions of war. One believes that wars . . .

for more pls check : https://happietrioexplains.blogspot.in/2016/12/hacksaw-ridge-2016-movie-experience.html

as Desmond Doss
as Smitty Ryker
as Captain Glover
as Dorothy Schutte
as Sgt Howell
as Soldier - Death Throes
as Bugle Player
as Private Maguire
as Cinema Kissing Soldier
as Grease Nolan
as Corporal Jessop
as Captain Daniels
as Wounded Soldier
as General Musgrove
as Private Webb
as Climbing Soldier
as Corpse With Rats #3
as Ralph Morgan
as Young Desmond
as Sergeant Amos
as Wounded Private O'Conner
as Vito Rinnelli
as Receptionist
as Ghoul
as Henry Brown
as Wounded Private Blake
as Minister
as Japanese Hanging Soldier
as Tom Doss
as James Pinnick
as Hiker
as Prosecutor
as Private Lewis
as 96th Soldier Page
as Teenage Boy
as Private Bates
as Corporal Cannon
as Private Perry
as Hiker's Friend
as Firing Japanese Soldier #2
as Corpse With Rats #2
as Cinema Kissing Sweetheart
as Stretcher Bearer
as Hollywood Zane
as Lt Colonel Cooney
as Tex Lewis
as Private Giles
as Lucky Ford
as Private Green
as Harold 'Hal' Doss
as Rescued Private Horvath
as Wal Kirzinski
as Irv Schecter
as Judge
as Bertha Doss
as Corpse with Rats #4
as Flirting Hospital Soldier
as Teach
as Colonel Stelzer
as Colonel Sangston
as Young 'Hal' Doss
as Lieutenant Manville
as 96th Soldier Bob
as Private Dixon
as Popeye
as MP Gibbs
as Company B Soldier
as Stretcher Bearer
as Local Man
as Soldier Hank
as Private Tyler
as Lynchburg Doctor
as Firing Japanese Soldier #1


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Based on the incredible true story.
When the order came to retreat, one man stayed.
One of the greatest heroes in America history never fired a bullet.
Movie Connection(s):
Dubbed into: Hacksaw Ridge (Tamil)
Reference: Saving Private Ryan (English)
When Japanese commander was shown preparing for ritual suicide you could plainly see his open heart surgery scar. In the scene when he kills himself it is gone.

When Hal Doss sits down at the dinner table in his new uniform we can clearly see a piercing in his ear lobe ando male in the US has ever worn an earring in the 1940's.
The project was in development hell for 14 years

The film received a standing ovation for nine whole minutes and 48 seconds at the Venice Film Festival

James Horner was originally hired to compose the score; he had previously collaborated with Mel Gibson on The Man Without a Face and several other projects.

Randall Wallace was previously set to direct.

Screenwriter Producer Gregory Crosby originally brought this project to the table.
Filming Start Date:
29 Sep 2015