Hands Of Stone (2016)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 51 mins

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This inspiring biography traces the life of Roberto Durán, a confident man who began his career as a professional boxer at the age of 16 and was guided by his legendary trainer Ray Arcel towards creating a legendary career.
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Cast: Ana de Armas, Edgar Ramírez, Oscar Jaenada, Robert De Niro, Usher Raymond

Crew: Jonathan Jakubowicz (Director), Miguel Ioann Littin Menz (Director of Photography), Angelo Milli (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India)

Genres: Action, Drama, Sports, Biography

Release Dates: 09 Dec 2016 (India), 25 Aug 2016 (Singapore), 01 Sep 2016 (United Arab Emirates)

Tagline: No mas. No surrender.

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Did you know? The movie was majorily filmed in the country of Panama where Roberto Duran was born and raised Read More
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as Felicidad Iglesias
as Roberto Duran
as Ray Arcel
as Sugar Ray Leonard
as Eugenio Iglesias
as Carlos Padilla
as Don Dunphy
as Chucky
as Bob Arum
as Blonde US Marine
as Woman Tearing Apart the Flag
as Rufirio
as Irichelle Duran
as Kid From Chorrillo
as Parkout #10
as Duran's Sister 2
as Final Amateur Kid #1
as Waiter
as Marine Molinari
as Iglesias Family Friend
as Fighter Final Amateur Kid
as Parkout #7
as Benito
as Journalist
as US Marine
as Radio Announcer
as Panamanian Journalist
as Kid Fede
as Partuition Nurse
as Fish Stand Owner
as American Family Children Girl
as Mariatoto
as Security guard
as Chivo Sanjur
as Jovanna Duran
as Kid Duran
as Announcer
as US Marine
as Final Amateur Champ
as Parkout #5
as Moore's Trainer
as Lorenza Iglesias
as Adele
as Chaparro
as Parkout #1 & Flag Boy
as Fighter Final Amateur
as Parkout #4
as Margarito Duran
as Stephanie Arcel
as Parkout #3
as Roberto Jr
as Midwife Fula
as Duran's Trainer
as Ricky
as White Dirty Fighter
as Johnny Lobianco
as Iglesias Family Friend
as Amateur Referee
as Freddie Brown
as Kid that Duran Defeats
as Clara Samaniego
as Davey Moore
as Huertas Referee
as Oldest Duran's Sister
as Moore's Trainer
as Plomo's Wife
as Parkout #8
as Sharon Leonard
as Parkout #9
as 2nd Marine
as Angelo Dundee
as Newborn Baby
as Ken Buchanan
as Frankie Carbo
as Amateur Referee
as SRL Trainer
as Jason Black
as Toti's Opponent
as Restaurant Patron
as Manco
as Robin Duran
as Roger Leonard
as American Mother
as Prison Guard
as Head Commisioner
as Brambri Duran
as Journalist
as Patrol Marine
as New Paper Employee
as Kid Toti
as Commissioner Prefight Meal 2
as Parkout #2
as Blonde US Marine
as Octavio Meyran
as Young Girl
as Christina Brinkle
as Judge
as US Marine
as Duran's Sister 1
as John Condon
as Commissioner Prefight Meal 1
as Parkout #6
as Oldest Duran's Sister
as Moore's Trainer
as Plomo
as Montreal Announcer
as Doctor
as Don King
as Claudine's Friend
as Cop #2 at Fish Stand
as Gil Clancey
as Howard Cosell
as Narrator
as Kid Toti
as Wilfrido Benitez
as Journalist
as Bus Driver Chaflan
as Cop at Fish Stand
as Maid
as Carlos Eleta
as Claudine
as Red Hair Marine
as Lieutenant Marine
as Waitress
as Luis Spade
as American Family Children Boy
as Ernesto Magana
as Benny Huertas


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No mas. No surrender.
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Robert De Niro and Ellen Barkin had earlier worked together in the movie 'This Boy's Life'

'Hands of Stone' marks the 9th movie that Robert De Niro has worked alongside his daughter Drena De Niro

The movie was majorily filmed in the country of Panama where Roberto Duran was born and raised

Gael Garcia Bernal was initially cast as Roberto Duran after he had dropped out of the project, Edgar Ramirez had assumed the character

Edgar Ramirez and Robert De Niro have previously worked together in the movie 'Joy' where De Niro had played the character of Ramirez's father-in-law

'Hands of Stone' is the fourth movie where Robert De Niro has appeared in a film related to the sport of boxing, his earlier movies being - Raging Bull, Night and the City and Grudge Match

Al Pacino was the first choice to play Ray Arcel before Robert De Niro was finalized for the role

Robert De Niro had met the real Ray Arcel around the time he had worked in Raging Bull