Hell Or High Water (2016)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 42 mins

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When two brothers decide to take the law into their own hands and plan a series of heists against the bank that has foreclosed on their farm, a resilient Texas Ranger on the verge of retirement makes it his mission to ensure that justice is served.
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Cast: Ben Foster, Chris Pine, Jeff Bridges

Crew: David Mackenzie (Director), Giles Nuttgens (Director of Photography), Nick Cave (Music Director), Warren Ellis (Music Director)

Genres: Crime, Drama

Release Dates: 11 Aug 2016 (Malaysia), 27 Oct 2016 (Singapore), 18 Aug 2016 (United Arab Emirates)

Tagline: Blood always follows money

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Did you know? The high speed chase scene was filmed on NM State Road 311, past Ranchvale, NM. Read More
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as Tanner Howard
as Toby Howard
as Marcus Hamilton
as Casino Dealer
as Clerk
as Vernon Teller
as Casino Patron
as Poker Player
as Old Man
as Randy Howard
as Woman at Casino
as Elsie
as Trooper Bruno
as Casino Patron
as Vernon Diner Waitress
as Road Block Trooper
as Alberto Parker
as Bear
as Blackjack Dealer
as Ranger Margaret
as Vernon PD Officer
as Buster
as Casino Patron
as Archer City Deputy
as Poker Player-Main Table
as Poker Plyer
as Dealer
as Bank Manager
as Justin Howard
as Casino Staff
as Coleman Resident
as Casino Patron
as Jenny Ann
as Rancher
as Billy Rayburn
as Local
as Olney Teller
as Poker Player
as T-Bone Waitress
as Gambler
as Debbie Howard
as Colman Resident
as Emily
as Casino Patron
as Post Bank Patron
as Gas Station Thug
as Reporter
as Old Timer
as Casino Patron
as Loan Officer
as Casino Pit Boss
as Ranger
as Clauson


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Blood always follows money
Justice isn't a crime
When the casino cashier hands over the check the name of the bank is incorrect. The check shows "Texas Midland Bank" when it should be "Texas Midlands Bank"

Factual Mistake
The shot where Chris Pine's character puts hydrogen peroxide on his bullet wound should have produced foam and at least a wince

Factual Mistake
The actors in the film state several times that the foreclosure sale of the family ranch will occur on Friday. All foreclosure sales in Texas only occur on the first Tuesday of the month

Factual Mistake
When Toby is stopped at the very tense police checkpoint, it is clear that his car has no front license plate, which is illegal in Texas and therefore very noticeable to the police

Errors in Geography
Though the movie is set in West Texas, the first two bank robberies supposedly take place in Archer City and Olney, Texas, which would be considered North Texas

Errors in Geography
The Albuquerque skyline can be seen from the Rangers' office window

When Alberto and Marcus are in the hotel room, Marcus puts his beer into the six pack case. The other five bottles clearly have red caps on them. When the scene changes position, none of the bottles have caps on them.

After Chris Pine's character eats at the diner and leaves a tip at the table. He walks out to the parking lot to hear his brother yelling "Start the car!" After robbing a near by bank

When Jeff Bridges and his partner are arguing about who should answer his cell phone, Bridges is driving. When they come to the cowhands burning their field and stop to chat, Bridges is in the passenger seat, with no explanation about the switch
The high-speed chase scene was filmed on NM State Road 311, past Ranchvale, NM

Parts of Comancheria are being filmed in Clovis, NM, with residents of the city being used as extras

This movie is set in Texas, but not a single scene was actually filmed there

Parts of Comancheria are being filmed in Clovis, NM, with residents of the city being used as extras.

Parts of this movie were filmed at the Route 66 Casino, with the casino patrons/employees being voluntary extras.

Comancheria is set in West Texas and is named after the region of New Mexico, West Texas, and nearby areas occupied by the Comanche before the 1860s.

The high speed chase scene was filmed on NM State Road 311, past Ranchvale, NM.
Filming Start Date:
26 May 2015