Henri Decae

Director of Photography

Henri Decaë is a cinematographer. He entered the film industry as a sound engineer and sound editor. He was a photojournalist in the French army during World War II. Serving as a cameraman in the French army during WW II, upon his release he began making documentaries and directing and photographing industrial and commercial films, then in 1947 made his first feature. His documentary background showed in the look of the films he photographed, and he worked often with directors Louis Malle and Claude Chabrol. From those early, gritty films, Decae evolved into one of the premier cinematographers of plush, big-budget extravaganzas.

Born on: 31 July, 1915

Born in: Saint-Denis, Seine-Saint-Denis, France

Died on: 7 March, 1987

English 2018
Director of Photography
French 1958
Director of Photography