Hitman: Agent 47 (2015)

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Genetically engineered from conception to be the perfect killing machine, he's the culmination of decades of research, endowed with unprecedented strength, speed, stamina and intelligence. Known only as Agent 47 (Rupert Friend), his latest target is a corporation that plans to unlock the secret of his past to create an army of killers even more powerful than him. With help from a young woman, the elite assassin confronts revelations about his own origins in an epic battle with his deadliest foe.
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Did you know? Seen in the trailer is Agent 47 wearing the uniform of a dispatched police officer as a disguise to aid his escape, a staple of the Hitman games. Read More
Good movie

slick, stylish and packs a punch

Hitman AGENT 47 much like the video game it draws inspiration from is a roller coster ride full of cool action sequences and a genetic engineering sub plot.This is a movie which is far better than the Transporter- refueled (which relased the same week here in Chennai) and also manages to delvers ome paisa vassol action pieces.The casting is adequate and technically the film is competent..though there is nothing new in terms of acting potential on display here.Hit Man is fairly good with all its thrills and action set pieces.Worth a view once.

"Hitman: Agent 47", Game hyped film doesn't fulfil in any aspect !

"Hitman: Agent 47", Film got it's hype through it's game series. Ppl inside theatres had a lot of imaginative cloud as the Hitman enters with his guns slinging intro, as the movie goes on there isn't anything tat gears it to the next level. First half of the movie is shaped up in a way that it has something coming in the latter half, but the latter half doesn't have anything entertaining rather than some action sequences which was also dull compared to gaming experience. The story was good, but was half baked on screens. Rupert Friend does a clean job as the assassin, he was perfect choice for the role let down by other aspects in the movie. Importance or detailing of characters & plot was not given enough, which lets down the movie. Going in with less expectation might give you something to enjoy.

as Katia van Dees
as Agent 47
as John Smith
as Salzburg Syndicate Operator #1
as Gardens by the Bay Man #1
as Gardens by the Bay Man #2
as Berlin Police Officer #2
as Tenement Woman
as Businessman in Subway
as Litvenko
as Sanders
as Robert - Kid in Elevator
as John Smith's G-Wagon Driver
as Syndicate International Hacker
as Fabian
as Marine #2
as Salzburg Syndicate Operator Driver #1
as Lead Syndicate Operator
as Salzburg Syndicate Operator Driver
as Young Katia
as Robert's Mum
as Franco
as Young Agent 47
as Marine
as Young Litvenko
as Ruassian Soldier #2
as Tobias
as Baby Katia
as Russian Soldier #1
as Russian Agent / Driver
as Marine Task Force
as Gardens by the Bay Woman with Baby
as Berlin Police Officer #1
as Robert's Dad
as Embassy Marine #2
as Hall of Records Clerk
as Katia's Mother
as Syndicate Doctor
as Salzburg Syndicate Operator Driver #2
as Dr Delriego
as Garad
as Le Clerq
as Tenement Man
as Gardens by the Bay Man #3


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Character Error
At the beginning of the fight between 47 and John Smith in the Engine Testing facility, you can clearly see the face of the John Smith stunt double.

Errors in Geography
Singapore is a country with right-hand drive cars on the left side of the road, though left-hand drive cars are allowed in Singapore. In the chasing scenes in Singapore, the red Audi and villains' SUV were left-hand drive cars.
Seen in the trailer is Agent 47 wearing the uniform of a dispatched police officer as a disguise to aid his escape, a staple of the Hitman games.

There is a direct reference to the video game franchise made in one brief scene where a yellow rubber duck is seen floating in a bathtub along with a partially submerged toaster.

In the month's prior to the movie's release, 20th Century Fox and IGN Entertainment launched a social media campaign in order to find Hitman Agents 1 through 46. Contest entries, which were mostly comprised Agent 47 cosplay photos, were judged by a panel and winners were officially given numeric designations in the Hitman canon.

Rupert Friend accidentally hurt himself while firing a blank bullet for one scene. The hot shell bounced off the floor, and hit him in the head, burning him slightly.

During a series of quick cuts, a man can be seen holding a Sony PlayStation video game controller. Most of the early Hitman games were available on the PlayStation 2 system.

Reboot of the 2007 film.

Based on the posters and the trailers, shooting took place in Singapore.

Based on Hitman, a popular video game series by Danish company IO Interactive.

Aleksander Bach's directorial debut.

The tactical unit members wore Dye I3 paintball masks to cover their faces.

Paul Walker was previously attached to play the lead role in this film before his sudden death in late November, 2013.
Zachary Quinto joining Agent 47
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