Hum Tum Aur Mom: Mother Never Misguides (2005)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 10 mins

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Kaushalya (Reema), wife of rich Zamindar from a village loses her husband. Even though she is from village, she has most modern dreams to bring up her two sons against all odds. She sends her elder son Madhav (Mohnish Bahl) for higher studies to US. Younger son Keshav (Krishna) decides to do export business after his education with a US based company, where he meets Reena (Mehrunnisa Hassan), who is incidently the boss of that company. She is rich and beautiful, understands family, cultural values and respects elders very well. Mom finds a beautiful girl Lakshmi (Ekta) from neighborhood village for Madhav. He gets married to Lakshmi. After going to US, Lakshmi adopts the western lifestyle fast. So fast that soon she forgets that once she was from a village. Initially Mom thinks her daughter-in-law is young and let her enjoy life while taking care of her kid at home. But Lakshmi doesn't show a bit of responsibility towards the kid. Realizing the impact of this on the child Kaushalya starts restricting her from all late night parties. This leads a conflict between Kaushalya and Lakshmi. In the mean time Reena with her good nature and attitude gets closer to Kaushalya and wins her heart. Kaushalya starts treating her as her younger daughter-in-law. Keshav comes to know about the mistreatment towards his mom and asks her to come to India. But mom determined to stay there and bring these people on the right path.

Cast: Krishna Abhishek, Mehr Hassan, Mohnish Bahl, Raj Vasudeva, Rohini Kapoor, Shabnam Kapoor

Crew: Ashok Nanda (Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 18 Jul 2005 (India)

Hindi Name: हम टूर और माँ: मदर नेवर मिसगुिदस

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