Idu Enna Maayam (2015)

 ●  Tamil ● 2 hrs 20 mins

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Arun, a struggling theater artiste, with the help of his friends, start a website that helps men to unite with the women of their dreams. What happens when Arun has to put his own love at risk?

Cast: Keerthy Suresh, Vikram Prabhu

Crew: Vijay (Director), Nirav Shah (Director of Photography), GV Prakash Kumar (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Release Dates: 31 Jul 2015 (India)

Tamil Name: இது என்ன மாயம்

Movie Rating
Based on 17 ratings
5 user 6 critic
Music Rating
Based on 17 ratings
5 user 6 critic
Did you know? Telugu star Navdeep makes an extended cameo appearance in the film. Read More

"Idhu enna Maayam", director A.L Vijay's directorial offering wafts in our mind space like a dream..thanks to some splendid visuals and photography by Nirav Shah.The concept is novel though the execution seems flawed many a time.The film also unfolds at a leisurely pace with no twists and turns in a predictable romantic setting.
Vikram Prabhu passes muster and looks chic in his urban wardrobe.The supporting players RJ Balaji, Rj Ajay and Balaji Venu gopal and the two girls in the group who help stage settings to unite love birds are solid in their parts.Debutante Keerthi Suresh looks simple, demure and stunning as she oozes charm and confidence.One of the other factors which make the movie worth watching while Navdeep looks good and enacts his role with elaan.G.V.Prakash's tunes are decent but not fabulous.Veterans Naazar and Ambika are adequate in their oft played and nothing new to offer roles as Vikram Prabhu's separated parents.
One of the best things about this complete family film is that it is squeaky clean and never goes over the top in spite of the usual commercial ingredients in place (like a mandatory fight sequence or countless romantic songs saved by their picturisation..the one between Navdeep and Keerthi in the 2nd half desrves special mention)
A time pass film which is fairly neat but could have easily been better.

*SPOILER*  Enna Koduma Saravanan Idhu!

Idhu Enna Mayam Is a Movie which was supposed to be Romantic Movie But Fails miserably testing the patience of audience.As soon as the Movie starts we could feel that this movie is going to be Boring and dragging .Idhu enna mayam takes 15 mins to establish about the main lead and side characters which was terrible to say the least.

It opens on Arun and his friends passionate about staging plays, but finding no takers. Arun decides to put their passion to good use. He starts a business -- Unnal Mudiyum Thambi (UMT)-- which helps out dejected lovers to get the girls they have fallen for. It’s an interesting scenario where the group hires some junior artists and stage some situations where the girl ultimately finds herself falling for the guy she had earlier ignored. The director here could have used some imagination in varying the situation each time a guy approaches the group for help. But it’s the same repeated ones we get to see. The story takes a turn when Santhosh, a businessman (Navdeep) approaches Arun to help him get Maya, the girl he was smitten with. And it’s about what happens when Arun realises that Maya was his old love. Maya seems almost a dud, for not realising that the group around her in various situations was the same one in mild disguises. It’s a long flashback to the past in Kochi which depicts the Arun-Maya campus romance. The duo falling for each other while playing messenger for others, is a situation we have seen in various films. The reason for their parting lacks conviction. There is a ridiculous episode here. Where Arun, a good batsman but a novice in hockey, volunteers to substitute for an injured player when an inter-college tournament is on. And on being questioned on his skill replies nonchalantly, that he would have no problem as ‘both games are played with the ball’. And proves it by winning the championship for his college! Keerthy, pretty and talented, is a delight to watch. The film’s key strength is Neerav Shah’s cinematography, each frame a visual delight.

Nirav shahs Cinematography
keerthi suresh
Negatives :
Vikram prabhus monotonous acting
Weak screen play
Songs were horrible G v prakash worst album ever!!
Hockey scene in the first half was so terrible that only a genius like vijay A L can think that way it was atrocious to say the least
Comedy elements in the movie failed to evoke laughter barring few scenes
Climax Twist was supposed to be great but here it falls flat since the movie was so predictable
Eventhough the runtime of the movie was 2hrs30 it seemes it was going on forever
Pathetic songs placements which was absolutely not necessary

I never expected a movie like this from the director of deiva thirumagal and madrasapattinam screen play looks so amateurish .People who Dont have any work or want to simply kill time can watch idhu enna mayam. If u expect the movie to entertain you You will feel terribly disappointed.

இது என்ன மாயம் படத்தைப்பற்றிய எனது கருத்து: AN KAMARAJAN TRICHY

நாடக நடிகர்கள் காதலுக்காகமட்டும் போடும் Drama-ஐ இன்னும் வேறு சில விஷயங்களுக்காகவும்

செய்திருக்கலாம். இறுதியில் நண்பர்கள் சேர்ந்து காதலை சேர்த்ததாக சொல்லும் காட்சியில் இன்னும் கவனமாக

காண்பித்திருக்கலாம். Heroin மனதில் Hero இன்னும் வாழ்ந்து வாழ்ந்துகொண்டிருக்கிறான் என்பதற்கு ஏதாவது ஒரு

காட்சியை காண்பித்திருக்கலாம். மற்றபடி நல்ல படம். நல்ல Concept. படம் நன்றாக இருந்தது.

really tragic

no story line. i saw lots of men and equal amount of women going out of theatres during film. Unwawnted songs were just frustrating. And the hero... unaku pallavi eh ovr da... athu ena beautifull eyes n sema smila unaku vera oruthan keddaipan... sathiyama unaku maya match ae ila da :P

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Colour Info:
Frame Rate:
24 fps
Aspect Ratio:
2.35:1, 2.39:1 (Scope)
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Music Label: Sony Music Entertainment

Music Director: GV Prakash Kumar
Lyricist: MC Vicky
Playback Singer: MC Vicky

Music Director: GV Prakash Kumar
Lyricist: Na Muthukumar
Playback Singer: GV Prakash Kumar, Saindhavi

Music Director: GV Prakash Kumar
Lyricist: Na Muthukumar

Music Director: GV Prakash Kumar
Lyricist: Na Muthukumar
Playback Singer: GV Prakash Kumar, Harini

Music Director: GV Prakash Kumar
Lyricist: Na Muthukumar
Playback Singer: Shireen Shahana
Telugu star Navdeep makes an extended cameo appearance in the film.
Filming Start Date:
05 Aug 2014