Jay Baba Pashupatinath (1996)

 ●  Hindi ● Running Time: TBA

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Srikant lives a wealthy, Hindu upper-caste lifestyle in India along with his mom and dad. He has fallen in love with Urvashi, who comes from a lower-caste, and does not meet with the approval of his father, who wants him to get married to Sharda, who is poor, but belongs to their caste. His dad threatens to commit suicide until Srikant relents and gets married to Sharda. On the wedding night, Srikant gets drunk, and Sharda, a devotee of Bhagwan Shri Shiv and Pashupatinath, shuns him, and he goes straight into the arms of Urvashi. This shocks his dad, who passes away, leaving Sharda to get all the blame. While running away from a snake, Srikant falls down, gets paralyzed, and loses the control of the left side of his body. A guilt-ridden Sharda, who is also accused of stealing a valuable jewel called 'Naagmani', then goes to ask Urvashi to come and live with them, while she will act as their servant. A delighted Urvashi readily agrees, but changes her mind when she sees that Srikant is disabled, and leaves. This leaves the way clear for Sharda and Srikant, but not for long - for Urvashi returns back - this time claiming that she is carrying Srikant's child - and has no intention of leaving!!

Cast: Shyam Awasthi

Crew: Satish Kumar (Director)

Release Dates: 01 Jan 1996 (India)

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